• Reduced Calorie Guero

    13 Dic 2005, 23:18 de SpookyDonkey

    Guerolito came out today. I have the CD coming in the mail with some sort of "free gift" unless ArtistDirect try and bilk me out of it, so I bought the double LP after work. I was disappointed that it didn't come with an insert full of "remixed" artwork, until I noticed it had two bonus tracks: Qué Onda Guero remixed by Nortec Collective and Broken Drum remixed by Dntel. HOT DAMN SIRS and I also got Fiestas + Fiascos in the mail today. Soon I will stop hemmorhaging money maybe.
  • Last Songs

    26 Nov 2005, 18:43 de clearskies

    If you get a chance, listen to Last Songs. Its my favourite to date..and anything by Death Cab for Cutie, The Postal Service and Dntelare special to me..
  • Halloween, Alaska

    16 Oct 2005, 20:25 de dishwasherrat

    Don't you love it when you come across an amazing new artist only to realize several days later (as if years had passed) that you have no idea where in your routine you came across them, or how?

    (You little P2P thieves know what I mean.)

    This one, though, I actually remember. I'd been vibing for the past week on Matt Pond PA's first single, "Halloween," from his new album Several Arrows Later. Via iTunes Music Store, in a search, I came across one Halloween, Alaska. A real toss-up on what to expect. The name conjures dreadful possibilities. Death metal? Folk? A combination of both?

    God no.

    It's electronica. Or ambient, or stargazer, or hi-fi-lo-fi or whatever the hell you want to call it. Electronic music with something to say. It's nice; it's needed. Very fresh in comparison to most of its peers. Best of all, you can rest easy in the knowledge that there aren't any creepy producers or over-eager label execs behind their albums.

  • Le remix album

    17 Ago 2005, 13:04 de lbf

    So Bloc Party are coming up with a track-by-track remix album in September, with usual suspects like Ladytron, that dude from Yeah Yeah Yeahs, remixing the album step by step. Marketing ploy? Maybe, but not only; first, if they wantedto milk something, they could have gone the way of the EP (since apparently the boys have quite a lot of new material); besides, there's a lot of B-sides/unreleased on the remix album, so much that they dedicated a second disc to it.

    No, I think the remix album is a concept that's written off far too easily as milking the fans. Some artists have taken their albums to new dimensions with remix albums. Case in point: Versus, with the help of Four Tet (amazing remix), Alfie and Ladytron (amazing retakes), and the boys themselves (amazing new tunes & re-orchestrations). The remix album is a valid artistic concept.

    And even when it doesn't change the world and almost stand by itself, it can be pretty damn good: The Young Machines Remixed doesn't yield one exceptionnal track…
  • This scrobbler rocks yo!

    16 Ago 2005, 6:40 de Believeyoume411

    Yo the new scrobbler rocks, I am currently trying to overthrow the government in the Polyvinyl Group because of its lack of competance. They will soon be overtaken! I'm jammin to some Dntel