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La banda se formó en Estocolmo en 1988. La banda empieza a grabar a principios de 1991 y lanzan su debut, Like an Ever Flowing Stream en 1991. El album se convirtió en un temprano ejemplo de death metal escandinavo y estableció una base de fanaticos, que crecería con el lanzamiento de Pieces en 1992. La canción "Skin Her Alive" fue acusada de obscena en el Reino Unido, cargo del que la banda se defendió exitosamente.…

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  • We need your help guys to bring back old last fm:
  • Like an everflowing stream is a masterpiece
  • join
  • century media is dead bro^^
  • wow, now that I think of it, The Dagger is actually signed to Century Media, so chances are pretty high that if Dismember signs with a new record label, there's like 85% chance that it will probably be Century Media :) I assume Regain Records is bankrupt anyway so....
  • A reunion would be neat! Hope it'll happen someday...soon.
  • A good start off would be to sign with Century Media if they intend to release new music again, at least they know how to properly marketeer albums and they are a big label with a lot of respect for the old veteran death metal bands (Thanatos, Asphyx, Grave, Carcass, Morgoth, Deicide, Massacre,.....) they might also hook them up with decent tours or festival appearances (that include a pretty decent wage) due to obligatory booking packages, it will be good for Dismember, it will be good for the fans, it will be good for death metal in general... just
  • I think they'' go the Bolt Thrower way by letting the demand for live shows rise, and then when they'll have decent offers they'll come back again, I think the Dismember guys got sick of all the bad luck, bad organisation on tehir last full tour... so much time and money investment with almost nothing in return, and ofcourse all that bad karma with Regain shooting itself in the foot around 2007/2008... it's 4 years later now since the split, death metal is more popular now, and generally organisation became better, and I think Blomqvist had his share of fun with The Dagger now, so..... please let it be....... A reunion sometime soon ... maybe ? ^^
  • They really need to re-unite, their split was such a shame, no infos, no news from them in two years, then bam, just a single note on the web to inform the fans, it's not a good way to go. At least a farewell world tour is needed, they represented so much in the extreme metal scene.

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