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  • the bestest
  • A remastered version of Gone is downloadable for free on Good Fight and a boxset of all Disembodied albums should be coming out before the end of the year
  • Could someone be a kind person and please send me a file of Heretic?
  • Fuck you, I'm moshing
  • i came in here to comment about them being 1 of the best 90s hc bands but it seems like my 2011 shout beat me to it...forgot about that
  • кач
  • im moshin
  • oh yeah you're moshing
  • Hardcore through a death metal lens. Brilliant.
  • still the best
  • Whoever the fuck tagged this holy terror needs a history lesson.
  • your words will never hurt me.
  • sometimes i think no one would even notice i'm gone
  • Gutted they called it a day :(
  • heretic is not a masterpiece.
  • heretic is a masterpiece [2]
  • RIP one of the greatest & most evil bands of all time.
  • heretic is a masterpiece
  • hands down the best 90's hardcore of all time.
  • Their glory will be preserved
  • Yeah, shame! Glad I've seen them play live twice though!
  • Can't fucking believe they're breaking up.
  • 'Demo 91'!
  • new song "Caveat" is sick
  • damn these spam fuckers literally got to nearly every shotubox
  • Thelive vid of their new song is so good.Heavy as fuck.
  • If God Only Knew The Rest Were Dead.. so heavy
  • OH MAN IM PRETTY MUCH SO EXCITED FOR OCT 16TH have been waiting to see this band for years.
  • Anyone else at the show yesterday?
  • anyone need tickets to the london show. get at me asap. 2 left.
  • great HxC
  • przyjedźcie do polski chłopaki ponapierdalać!
  • it's all about Heretic imo
  • great!
  • so heavy
  • I love this shit.
  • if god only knew...
  • diablerie
  • Best album to start with? :)
  • the set last night in Holyoke was excellent!
  • KILLED IT last night in NYC
  • nu-metal, lol. ironic. agreed
  • Is it really necessary to tag this as nu-metal? I'm sorry, but straightforward riffs and mid-paced, groove-oriented songs have been around a lot longer than nu-metal.
  • sometimes I think no one would even notice I'm gone!
  • Yes it is...the first four tracks are just killer.
  • YES, got my Psalms of Sheol today.
  • All-time favorite.
  • 2 newly mixed tracks
  • Disembodied's "Psalms of Sheol," a collection of rare, out of print and unreleased material will see the light of day in August via Prime Directive Records. Thirteen songs from one of the heaviest, darkest and most innovative hardcore bands of the 90's, re-mastered by the band to sound louder and heavier than ever. Includes the Confession 7", Existence in Suicide MCD, compilation tracks, unreleased songs, and a cover of Metallica's "Creeping Death." Disembodied are playing the 10 for $10 show in St. Paul, Minnesota on July 31, 2009 with Terror, Poison The Well, Bane, and more. They also head to Europe in August 2009 for three shows including the Ieper Fest on August 30th. More shows around the U.S. are being planned for the fall and winter.


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