• Dibder's New Music Series: Entry 2

    27 Feb 2009, 18:55 de CvaldaVessalis

    What a difference a month makes, eh? I don't know about you but 2009 has been quite the shit year so far; if it's not personal upheavals at home/work, then it's another natural disaster, civil uprising or celebrity succumbing to cancer flooding the news. This alongside having to contend with intellectually reprehensible Reality TV shows that, in spite of all of their horribleness, remain compulsively watchable. And if I even begin to start on American Idol, I'll never finish, so... It was also, of course, awards season too, one which saw Coldplay, Duffy and A.R. Rahman (with the rather fabulous Slumdog Millionaire score) in particular hoover up the competition and leave the full bag outside for the crows to slowly rip apart. With all this in mind, I'm keen to treat the end of February as the unofficial start to the new year, complete with a brand new iPod Classic and thirty albums to listen to. Those brave enough to read what I have to say can find the critiques below for their sleep-inducing pleasure... you have been warned!
  • solipsistic NATION No. 112: Disembodied

    17 Oct 2008, 19:53 de solipsisticast


    Here some useless trivia you didn’t need to know about me.

    I use the iTunes-LAME encoder to convert each edition of solipsistic NATION to MP3. I could use the iTunes built-in MP3 encoder but I want to give your ears the best sounding show possible. Compressing a track to MP3 means sacrificing quite a bit of fidelity for the convenience of listening to the show on your computer, iPhone, Zune or whatever you use to listen to tunes. If I’m going to convert music to MP3 then I might as well use the best encoder available. The downside of getting the best sounding MP3 I can that means twirling my thumbs for 25 minutes or so while I encode each podcast to MP3.

    So what do I do during those 25 minutes?

    I usually catch up with people on Twitter or checking email. Maybe read.

    Today I blew the dust off my PlayStation and played Street Fighter Alpha 3 for 30 minutes. Because I haven’t played in so long my super combos were pretty rusty (I play Rolento…
  • let's get it down while it's there

    13 Sep 2006, 11:49 de ameliahope

  • sleeve notes, february 2006: like drunken hillsides

    7 Abr 2006, 10:22 de sumit


    This month's title is a description of icebergs from a documentary about penguins, but I thought it sounded like something a rapper might say to describe his flow. All of the artwork is based on photographs I've taken. The front cover is Death Valley, taken in July 2002; the back cover was taken near the Uffington White Horse in 2004. The booklet interior was taken at Jaen Castle in Andalucia in December 2005. The tray liner was taken from a hot-air balloon over Wiltshire in 2002; the disc is the interior of a crop circle near Avebury in summer 2005.

    Okay, the first week of April is a bit late to be putting together a mixtape based on what I was listening to in February. But that's because I was travelling from mid February until more or less the last week of March. So this compilation is also a bit unusual, since I didn't add much new music. Or listen to as much music in general: I took my iPod, but iTunes says I listened to only 333 items…