• Stop! Maria's back!

    7 Mar 2007, 18:14 de chsf

    Maria Nalbandian, also known as Maria, is back! If anyone has been watching lately, you might have noticed them playing one of Maria's older videos, then suddenly a yukata-clad, fan-waving female interferes with a "STOP!". Well, it's all a part of Melody's new PR campaign for the new album from the new and "improved" Maria. They promise us a less / Maria, who has allegedly been taking singing lessons. To me she sounds like just like the old Maria, with a fake Oriental twist and a more glamorous image - I get a "I'm trying to be Dina Hayek" vibe. Image-wise there's more to like if the old Maria was too provocative for you, but if you weren't a fan of her old sound, there is nothing to gain for you from her new album. Anyway, I bet it'll be fun to have her back!

    By the way, the video is really topnotch by international standards: