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  • Heavy Pop Review:
  • so happy with this album
  • 7.6 lol
  • the new LP is mind blowing
  • poison season is awesomeeeee
  • Was a huge fan initially but that began to wear off as I wasn't being pulled back as much. The best moments here are unquestionably amazing, namely Dream Lover and Hell, but the slower ones offer nothing more than background music in a hotel elevator. Either way, it's a decent album. Here's my review:
  • The new album is just great.
  • Shit's so good. So good.
  • Poison Season is great
  • yeah...Poison Season is just killer
  • great new the year's top
  • wow. amazing
  • new album is awesome!
  • "Poison Season" is amazing
  • o
  • idk i think poison season took his anti-pop discourse a little too far
  • do people intentionally FUCK TAGS uuuuuuUP? if so,why?
  • poison season is geat
  • Time Square reminds me of Tom Waits
  • really enjoying the continuation of Kaputt with Poison Season
  • not fan of this band,but l like new album for sure
  • 'Girl In A Swing' made our weekly indie playlist @
  • Enjoying the step up from Kaputt. Still very laid back while going all over the place in a jazzy stream.
  • one of the best of the year for sure
  • havent heard about this guy since "kaputt", will be awesome to check out his new stuff.
  • poison season is life
  • The great thing about this record is how determined it is for each song not to be what you'd expect after the last one
  • on the Poison Season-cover he looks like a thinner version of Joe Spinell haha
  • Fantastic album. Worthy follow up to Kaputt and definitely somewhere among my favorite releases this year thus far.
  • Was hoping Poison Season would have more jams like Dream Lover... seems like that track was just hammed onto the record so it had a lead single.
  • The new album is an amalgamation of jazz, pop,rock and everything I love on a solid rock record. Fantastic listen from front to back. One of the best albums of 2015.
  • Well, it leaked... and it's pretty good so far.
  • New Video:
  • lovers on the run.........
  • Dreamy and nostalgic. Kaputt <3
  • Dream Lover had be revisiting Kaputt once again. One of the best albums released in the past 5 years, if not the best.
  • Dream Lover is great.
  • Poison Season AOTY calling it now
  • Damn Dream Lover is epic
  • Dream Lover is a god damn jam. Poison Season's gonna be rad.
  • the girl in the blue is a major qt3.14 (screenshot of the music video of kaputt)
  • on a destroyer kick the past couple of days, it's been a while. started with kaputt (the modern classic) and streethawk (the classic classic), but was totally struck, unexpectedly, by rubies, which is like classic to the maxx. i somehow forgot about how great it is, how its every single jam destroys, how i know all the words (i must've listened to it a lot in those distant, pre-scrobbling days of compact-discs-on-my-stereo), and how looter's follies is the most bejarist thing ever committed to tape. god bless danny b and every line he's ever sung. especially: "it's common knowledge i've been doing alright."
  • dissolute officers and envoys with cushy posts, strung out on opium
  • Kaputt remains my album of the decade.
  • Understanding Kaputt's beauty is actually part of many tribal cultures' coming of age rituals, the defining moment when boys turn into men.
  • How could someone like Kaputt more than Rubies? How is kaputt even good?


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