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  • hi
  • come back chad!!!!!
  • [my darkness] greatest (✶゚ω゚)
  • For fans of I, Lucifer (and especially Chad's vocals), check out Chapter 14's The Bad Shepherd. Really amazing song (:
  • Chad maldito! volta logo com essa porra!
  • Muito bom! :D
  • miss left =/
  • really cool band!
  • perfect music!
  • saints is a masterpiece
  • Please check out our new song: TREATED:
  • Sad & Happy... weird!
  • lame
  • Wow. Nostalgia.
  • Parts of 'From The Red' sound like they are straight up ripped from As I Lay Dying. Although that's probably because Tim managed these guys.
  • I fucking hate going onto bands pages and seeing 'was' :(
  • i miss this band so much
  • I'm in the dark with them are they still together or not ?
  • Whats up with these metal bands breaking up!!!!!!!!
  • still miss u guys. I still hate myself every day for not seeing you when i had the chance. Here's hopin you guys get back together someday.
  • nice one !
  • good band. like them songs [2]
  • good band. like them songs
  • @chrisofadown I hate to break this to you but DTR is no longer in existence
  • неплохо в общем-то, но альбом I, Lucifer каким-то однообразным показался
  • aaaaaaawesome albums \m/ keep it up :)
  • I didn't really like Saints. Reminds me too much of As I Lay Dying(the riffs, vocals and a lot of stuff), but I, Lucifer was one of those special landmark albums that many bands never produce.
  • I, Lucifer sounded a lot like The Serpent from Still Remains IMO
  • Christian band KEEP THE CHANGE, DESPAIR (progressive metalcore) has been selected as a contester in a voting competition where the winner gets to play with AUGUST BURNS RED. This would be a huge dream come true, so here I am desperately representing our band and trying to get you guys vote for us. Giving your vote takes only 3 seconds! The link: tick "Keep the Change, Despair" and click 'Äänestä' (the voting system is in finnish) A big thank you in advance. The voting ends 4pm GMT+2 so it's your last chance to do it, right now! God bless you all, Rasmus/KTC,D
  • I'm so disappointed that they broke up. I liked Saints and LOVED I, Lucifer. I, Lucifer had a fresh sound unmatched by most bands you see today. Even though they're broken up I'll always listen to these albums.
  • Saints is a good metalcore album, but I,Lucifer has got the special sound, what makes that album a pure beauty.
  • Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • my darkness > isabella's -.-
  • check this out - fucking epic shit for fans of melodic killer riffs like August Burns Red with sick and strong vocals!
  • axyetitelno!
  • отличная группа!хорошие христиане!аминь.
  • Saints is a masterpiece [8]
  • Make more music!!! :)
  • Saints is a masterpiece [7]
  • Destroy is marked forever in my life
  • The breakup is proof as to how much I, Lucifer sucked the lords balls.
  • I, Lucifer is such a perfect album. [2]
  • hai!, if i have 777 in my name does that make me cool? XD
  • Saints is a masterpiece [6]
  • Saints is a masterpiece [5]


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