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  • Kovinta paskaa sitte Hulk Hoganin aamustondiksen.
  • Skygods is wicked as fuuck
  • going through The Descent right now. I tried to get to them through their EPs, but I was not impressed, but now with proper album, I must say I dig them. Need more investigation.
  • One of the best doom groups out there
  • Skygods is rad
  • veri guud jes!
  • Skygods is very good stuff. Review upcoming.
  • quite impressive
  • Dat sum pretty good stuff!
  • So this is how black metal people begin to play (and sound) when they have smoked pot :D
  • just awesome ! Churchburner is their best track ... imho
  • DDJ is a cool band! here's an interview I did with their singer (plus a review of Skygods) :
  • Skygods is definitely my favourite sludge/stoner album of the year.
  • New album does not disappoint, but then again I've expected awesome things from these guys since I first heard Kneel.
  • awesome band, check them out, especially "The Descent" is so great, though almost every song just kicks ass
  • new album out!
  • these bass lines are amazing!
  • This band is definitely going places, Kneel is excellent and The Descent is even better, I look forward to this bands future very much. Now I just wish they had some decent t-shirts, the logo ones aren't doing it for me.
  • Stick that in your Pipe and Smoke It <3
  • Churchburneeeeer
  • not really my thing, unfortunately.
  • It's as if the Goddess of Doooom herself came tramping out of the swamp, sucked everything I love about music out of my brain, and fed it to this band...
  • AWESOME, Kneel is mind altering!
  • just awesome. heavy shit! [2] Gonna hop on The Descent quick...
  • Have heard a lot about this band but only just took the time to listen to Kneel. On my third consecutive spin so far, this is huge!
  • New album is just amazing!!
  • this is awesome heavy shit - great vocals also
  • just awesome. heavy shit!
  • Good Shit!!Great!!
  • awesome new album
  • Complete The Descent streaming on Bandcamp!!
  • Kneel is too good. Now onto the full-length
  • Unfortunately "the Descent" is a little underwhelming compared to "Kneel". Where have all the samples gone? Still a good listen though...
  • The Descent!!
  • 929 listeners for this band is kind of a travesty, not a travesty on par with "Lulu" and raping children, sure, but something akin to travesty nonetheless. Fucking love sludge, love it way more than I do bursting out random comments on Yay for me.
  • 20.11.2011 Helsinki, Bar Loose.
  • new album stream
  • New album "The Descent" will be released the 19th of October. On their blog one of the new tracks can already be heard. Check it out!
  • fuck yeah!
  • Buenísimos!
  • yeah amazing
  • Listen to them on bandcamp!!
  • The split will include the first 3 songs from Kneel, also we'll have new album for September.
  • Kneel is a masterpiece!! New split soon with
  • Brilliant stuff.
  • amazing
  • вот это делааааа
  • These guys almost flock Electric Wizard in the use of samples!
  • Great stuff!
  • Wow I just listened to Kneel and it completely blows away all the other stoner metal I had found this year.


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