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  • it's 2016 now
  • it's 2015 now
  • it's 2014 now
  • amazing
  • delicate stene
  • Pretty much
  • Like a hydro-electric Mothra rising from the ashes of an African village burned to the ground by post-rock minotaurs
  • Saw them in Syracuse. Yesyesyesyesyes ohyes
  • my new evolved ratatat
  • delicate farts
  • Ugh... Why don't you just google the words in the post. You'll find kind of an interesting story....
  • Maybe he thought 'guitars' and 'vocals' mean the same thing. Still doesn't make sense at all.
  • "Like My Bloody Valentine but without the guitars. " ... wat.
  • Me to @Vianouzz...thanks Daytrotter!
  • Just incredible, why i am only discovering him today..
  • Like My Bloody Valentine but without the guitars.
  • Delicate steve featured here!
  • i just saw these guys in London, Ontario. Amazing band/performers!
  • I cannot stop listening to Positive Force.
  • new album feels much more relaxed, I like it!
  • poepen is fijn doei.
  • I AGREE <3
  • New album is great. It might not be as vibrant as Wondervisions but it's still a fine successor. And I'm just ecstatic to finally have a studio version of Wally Wilder.
  • I fucking love the new album. What are you people talking about
  • Don't really know what to make of the new album seems to have a little more of the general Luaka Bop vibe in it, which is maybe not a bad thing, but is also maybe not what I'm looking for...
  • new album is slightly disappointing
  • Guys, all Steve wants us to do is Enjoy Ourselves.
  • new album is so boring ):
  • @Compiaciuto Said artist is from Fredon, NJ, USA.
  • you know it's an awesome artist summary when it doesn't even tell you where said artist is from.
  • ah shit nigga ah goddamn aww
  • Wow
  • delicate farts
  • afria talks to you. new album is going to be amazing.
  • Last week I went hiking in the Pyrenees and this was all that I played while I was going up up up.
  • Wondervisions is a fun little album. Don't Get Stuck is the best driving homr from work music I could ask for :)
  • Many Moods is my jam
  • atlanta or athens, georgia, pleaaaase!
  • AOTY so far...
  • wonderful album
  • my brother just suggested I name my band "Delicate Steez"
  • The Ballad of Spec and Pebble truly is the jam of a lifetime. How can you NOT be happy when listening to that song? Seriously, the album is great, but that song steals the show. Thank you, Based Steve.
  • yes ma'am
  • I just saw them in NYC tonight. SOOOO GOOD OH MY GOD!
  • delicate sound of steve
  • yummy live sounds yes!


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