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  • The best cover [2]
  • shinedown and both)
  • Feels... <3
  • Gotta be one of my favorite covers ever if I'm honest
  • Been listening to these guys for 16 years, and only just heard this song today!
  • I had no idea that Deftones covered this song until today.
  • best cover
  • ~·<13>·
  • love both versions
  • The best cover
  • danced to this with my son, when he got married.....
  • From the first few seconds I could tell that this cover was brilliance. Just love that feel, that voice.. So powerful. Original's a classic and I love it but this is more my taste. Just...Brilliant.
  • wonderful cover, very EMO...
  • strange song for them to cover, but it works
  • I love this Song so much. It is awesome...
  • One of the few Deftones songs with good lyrics, and likely one of my favorite covers.
  • one of the best covers of anything i have ever heard.
  • My song.
  • wha wha wha what!! wow this works
  • Great....<3
  • Gives me chills.
  • mmmmm
  • @tru_dude, i believe it's Lynyrd Skynyrd – Simple Man
  • I'm like addicted to this one
  • I love this cover <3
  • I prefer this to the original. The Deftones feel to it is just better suited for the lyrics. MY OPINION.
  • love this cover of the best
  • so whose cover is this?
  • by virtue of good bad doing a great song to cover...i have to like!
  • good cover, but nothing compares to the original
  • I don't understand how everyone down there likes this... this is the shittiest cover I've ever heard... of this song.
  • Almost chilling.
  • I prefer the original one, but this is also good :)
  • A very original cover.
  • baby, ach te baby
  • best cover imo .
  • wow!
  • Don't know the original, but this one just gave me the goosebumps.
  • oy, i guess it is cover when i was listening to it, not deftones-style, but nice song and good cover
  • Wow.
  • fantastic song!
  • great interpretation of a great song!
  • great cover, hands down
  • Amazing cover. The vocal approach makes it very very emotional.
  • No doubt the best cover version of this song!
  • relaxing..intelligent..simple..perfect..
  • One of the best covers ever, really.
  • Makes me cry... so much melancholy in there..
  • this has grown on meeee.
  • Really good cover.


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