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  • The Ritchie Blackmore Story dvd review (in Swedish)
  • Please sign this petition to BRING THE OLD LAST.FM back: (2)
  • Deep Purple rules.
  • Please sign this petition to BRING THE OLD LAST.FM back:
  • I'd be fine with a different guitarist if he had his own sound... all the Purple albums with Morse just sound like MKII ripoffs.
  • <3
  • Violent Kay: The shit coming out from your mouth is also violent . Stop it!
  • There are two new live records in 2015: "From The Setting Sun... In Wacken" and " To The Rising Sun In Tokyo". Listen it, they are amazing!
  • Please, people, sign the petition.
  • Я уважаю группу Deep Purple
  • <3
  • I am a huge Deep Purple fan, but I think they are horrible live now because of their guitarist steve morse. Great guitarists (like Blackmore, Eddie VanHalen, Angus Young..), they steal the show live, and it makes the show great. I was front row recently at a Deep purple show and when steve played the solo in smoke on the water, I burst out laughing and left the show in disgust! What an insult! I don't think steve morse ever played a power cord in his life! No wonder Purple have to play these small venues. Its not fair to the rest of the band- they sound great and they deserve a better guitarist. Don't let Richie win- he can be replaced, but I wouldn't let steve CARRY Richies guitar. A month after I saw DP, I saw Blackmore live at Harpos Bar in Detroit, and he was 100 times better than Purple with morse. MY dream concert would be Deep Purple with Gillan, Paice, Glover and Yngwie Malmsteen and Malmsteens keyboardist. I forgot his name. Yngwies a huge purple fan, and it would be the best.
  • "Why Child in Time is not the most played song?" [2]
  • When it all was over We had to find another place But Swiss time was running out It seemed that we would lose the race
  • awesome musicians! <3
  • because smoke on the water
  • Why Child in Time is not the most played song? >:(
  • This is too majestic for the human ear! Feel it coming. Knocking at the door. You know, it's no good running. Now it's knocking at your door. (2)
  • This is too majestic for the human ear! Feel it coming. Knocking at the door. You know, it's no good running. Now it's knocking at your door. xD
  • In Rock rules!
  • MADE IN JAPAN Let s rock the world
  • Thx this band existed so heavy metal could emerge.
  • See The Blind Man Shooting at the west
  • Deep Purple tem poder <3
  • Probably said earlier (more likely it twas I) but here goes anyways : "Smoke On The Water" ... That riff n' 'at.. Responsible for more guitar / shoppe sales etc going on 'round this here planet since 1972. Total sales figures in - since then updated : Source - Attys Morgan Stanley Steamers. Sales totals - Major f ' n boatloads. C'mon you burnouts. At the end, how many of you guys thought for a min...?
  • Perfect Strangers!
  • Purple binge tonight!!!
  • <3
  • Lol at people saying they aren't metal.
  • ♥ still as amazing as ever....
  • signed up and all that crap....because i am a long time.(.middle sixties.).deep purple fan.....signed up just to say..?...try "book of taliesyn" for some deep purple....i think this was their second album and it is pretty ef'in good...any deep purple "fan" should hear where they came get where they ended up and everything in between...this group was and is..? of the heap for talent and their start the competition was huge "yet" they still made their mark....thanks DP for all the tunes and a lifetime of with all the guys that started this era of "rock and roll"...there will never be any as good....or with as much talent....the chance to be original is just about guys are some of the first and best.....all in one moment of time......?......
  • Deep Purple - The Aviator = Love Song.
  • да уж, child in time эта весЧь.
  • Lalena is so nice
  • Just Great
  • que delicinha rpz
  • Some interesting background information about DP Polish friends at Love!
  • Always been their fan but recently fell in love with them again.
  • Burn 41 Years <3
  • Just Great
  • 666 amigos ouvem Deep Purple G-G
  • Одна из любимых групп
  • Deep Purple – Highway Star крайне высоко оценена в критике рок-песен, одна из лучших песен жанра!
  • Classic
  • Smoke on the water 8-bit cover here!


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