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  • Reduced fucking kills, man. MUCH epicness! 2001-05 records are priceless. Most fucking underrated band ever.
  • pure orgasm....
  • Killer Californian death metal. Portals to Canaan is incredible. I hope the new album is incredible like Portals to Canaan or better.
  • Breee bree breee bree breeeeeeeee!
  • Yep,new album is coming...can't wait!
  • New album is coming!
  • Trading Pieces kills! Keep the brutal shit alive!
  • Creating microscopic waves of violence Hordes of intruder organisms Storm soft tissue front lines No match for the viral onslaught Humankind is overtaken Xeno elements cavort in wedlock Writhing in the bond Assimilation is complete
  • Of What's to Come crushes!
  • Portals has the better album art though
  • Of whats to come >>>> Portals to canaan
  • there are plenty of grooves in Portals To Canaan, wtf.
  • "bring back the riffs and grooves" fucking nerds
  • People just get butthurt about a band mixing it up a bit just because they can, there's usually no logic to it, they're just closed-minded assholes.
  • I don't understand what all the fuss is about. Let the band evolve if thats what they want to do. Its not always about the fans or else that would be selling out
  • "Their weakest album for sure. Hopefully Erik will go back to the old style now. Bring back the riffs and grooves" I've talked to so many people who say "Deeds of Flesh suck now, get rid of that technical shit and get back to the brutality!" and I personally think it's just foolish. So what if a band wants to display their technical ability? I could understand if they were doing it poorly but DoF are doing a damn great job at writing technical, skilled songs but also writing memorable, enjoyable tracks that have a great deal of replay value. All you people who continuously whine and whine about how they're not br00tul enough any more just sound silly. Also, saying 'bring back the riffs' was pretty idiotic as well, how could you not like the riffs on ANY of their albums?
  • мяяяско Meat
  • new album is nice
  • Last album is fucking amazing.
  • @ Conquer500: You're posting that on the Deeds of Flesh page WHY?
  • Amazing new album 5/5
  • Beautiful New Album!
  • I saw a post saying they can't tour yet because Erik still has tendonitis
  • PtC slays!
  • Amazing new album 5/5. [3] ...and yeah, a UK tour would make my fucking year!
  • Amazing new album 5/5. [2]
  • Amazing new album 5/5.
  • Please, please, please, tour!
  • new album is great! so great,
  • "New album is what The Faceless SHOULD have done. Now The Faceless is gay." Not sure I get the comparison, The Faceless have always played a very melodic Allan Holdsworth-influenced take on technical death metal and have never been similar since Deeds Of Flesh play very calculated brutal death metal through most of their discography.
  • Please, please, please, tour! bring Defeated Sanity with you
  • great new album!
  • New album is masterpiece. simply brilliant.
  • The new album has finally driven me over the precipice of sanity!
  • New album is amazing
  • that artwork, my God
  • New album melted my brain... safsdfdsffdf
  • new album is great! so great, that i got abducted by aliens from listening to it too many times.
  • new album is great!!! nothing beats Mark of the Legion
  • New album is fuckin' amazing! \m/
  • a very impressive effort on Portals to Canaan
  • New album fucking rocks! Probably not their best, but still extremely good nonetheless!
  • Pretty solid opus
  • tag:easy listening
  • are you guys serious? the best album? for fuck's sake...
  • Portal To Canaan: Their best album yet! Fucking good metal. Horns up! \m/
  • new album is gooooood
  • New album is very good.


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