• 20 albums you should be listening to if you aren't already =)

    9 Jun 2009, 19:44 de uh_oh_jlm

    Abstract Rude, Prevail & Moka Only - Code Name: Scorpion

    This album is fun and light and these three dudes all have great voices. They have a good sense of humor and unique flows. It's a good album to listen to when you are in a laid-back kind of mood.

    Afro Classics - The Classic EP

    Okay technically this not an album it's an EP but it still makes the list. And you know why? Because people are zzzzzzz-in on this EP for real! This shit is high quality and needs to be heard by the world.

    Asheru & Blue Black - Soon Come

    Such great jazzy beats. This album is great for creating a good vibe for a lil get together and it's dope music to dance to. Love these guys.

    C-Rayz Walz - Ravipops

    C-Rayz Walz deserves sooooo much more respect than he gets. This dude is an amazing lyricist and has such a chill delivery. He has a lot of good offerings but I think Ravipops is his best.

    CMA - All Over

    Two of my favorite members of the Living Legends (The Grouch & Luckyiam) make for a dope lil duo. …
  • Favorite Hip-Hop Groups That Aren't OutKast

    10 Jun 2008, 7:50 de andtigers

    Binary Star
    While they've only ever released one album (or, more appropriately, the same album twice), the flows of One Be Lo, Senim Silla, and their rare guest drops are so ridiculous that I have to rank Binary Star up with the best. The beats, most courtesy of Decompoze, are always fresh, always chill, always engaging. Masters of the Universe is an album that can be played in the background, allowing the listener to drift in and out of attention, but also contains myriad clever lyrics that can be scrutinized and analyzed for hours. The relentless flow of Silla and Lo, however, does not wait for the listener to understand and digest every line; with no opportunity to play catch-up, multiple listens are necessary -- and enjoyable.

    Track of Choice: K.G.B.
    Album closer, and clocking in at a whopping 6:51, K.G.B. is unquestionably the most epic cut on the album. Lo and Silla bring in a couple guests to flow repeatedly for nearly seven minutes -- with no intro, outro, or chorus. …