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  • HONK [8]
  • honk [7]
  • COME TO BRAZIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • honk
  • air horn [5]
  • HONK [4]
  • honk [3]
  • HONK [2]
  • HONK
  • honk if you like death grips.
  • savages are opening for them next time in pomona ...
  • mc ride that dude who'll eat 3 tabs of lsd and spit the most mindfuck shit you ever heard in your life
  • B O T T O M L E S S P I T W H E N
  • Ребята могут!
  • get get get get got got got got
  • i'm expressing myself artistically
  • Если они для тебя всего лишь мемес - то у тебя с головой проблемес.
  • death grips and noid
  • 2016 is gonna get fucking gripped
  • don't die
  • odd future syndrome?
  • my epitaph will read: "bottomless pit when"
  • More Bjork collabs please.
  • It got so fucking dark in here today.
  • up this:
  • Жду новый альбом больше, чем свое День Рожденье.
  • huy
  • So many feels when I listen to this band omfg
  • If anyone can give me a mega link for the primavera sound tape, I'd appreciate so much
  • fuck sake, when are they gonna come back to London
  • this is where it all fucking started
  • One of my favorite hip hop/rap groups.
  • @voxzion in its best moments death grips is like an instant dose of cheerful-nihilism coupled with an adrenaline shot to the heart
  • finally a new pic
  • Interesting sonorities in his oeuvre
  • i'm normally slightly afraid of flying, but when i blasted death grips during landing i wanted the plane to explode in a fireball of molten steel and people
  • たこ!
  • clean
  • the fanbase may be meme sputing retards but their music is still amazing [2]
  • bottomless pit when?
  • The Powers That B, one of my favorite albums of the year.
  • Gog, I hate the DG fanbase.
  • the grammys didn't nominate 'have a sad cum' for record of the year? ok dis wrong [2]
  • <=== best avatar on teh intarwebz
  • meme sputing retards [2]


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