• Songs In My Pants

    29 Ago 2006, 18:42 de hijamiefans

    Oh, this is just a brilliant idea for a journal...pop the music library on shuffle, see what songs come out...and simply add 'in my pants' after each one. Capeesh?

    1. Brian Wilson - Good Vibrations In My Pants
    2. The Zombies - Time Of the Season In My Pants
    3. Radiohead - Sail To The Moon In My Pants
    4. David Gray - Silver Lining In My Pants
    5. Chris de Burgh - If You Really Love Her, Let Her Go In My Pants
    6. Badly Drawn Boy - Take The Glory In My Pants
    7. The Beatles - Something In My Pants
    8. Coldplay - A Whisper In My Pants
    9. Felt - Grey Streets In My Pants
    10. Prefab Sprout - I Never Play Basketball Now In My Pants
    11. Nick Drake - Free Ride In My Pants
    12. Ben Folds - Army In My Pants
    13. Athlete - Forest Fire In My Pants
    14. Simon and Garfunkel - My Little Town In My Pants
    15. U2 - A Man And A Woman In My Pants
    16. Oasis - Hey Now! In My Pants!
    17. Simon and Garfunkel - A Most Peculiar Man In My Pants
    18. Kanye West - Graduation Day In My Pants

    27 Jul 2006, 17:20 de madhattie34

    I'm seeing Deacon Blue in Sheffield this November. How awesome is that? I figured they were so old I'd never get to see them ever.

    I'll just add them to the list of other sad artists I've seen live:
    The Beautiful South
    Billy Joel

    Rock on me.
  • My weekly artist chart

    24 Jul 2006, 11:31 de madhattie34

    I thought I'd have a look at the artists I've been listening to in the last week.

    1 Fall Out Boy 87
    I seriously didn't realised I'd listened to so much fall out boy last week. This has put them as my fourth most played artist I think. They've overtaken Panic! =O I had a better look at "From under the cork tree" last week because I'd ripped Lucy's album but only really listened to the songs I already knew. "A little less 16 candles, a little more 'touch me'" would be my favourite track from last week I think.

    2 Matchbox Twenty 70
    Well, I bought all their albums last week, so I've been listening to them. So far this morning I've played them non stop for 3 hours. Whoah. I dunno what songs I've been listening to the most from them, though 3AM is probably high up the top. Love that song.

    3 Counting Crows 50
    Well, last week I got their new live album, New Amsterdam or something. I dunno its real name cos I've just got a copy of it which isn't tagged properly. …
  • Another lyrics quiz (Well, I was bored)

    5 Jul 2006, 16:17 de madhattie34

    You know the drill. First lines, 30 songs, guess the songs, google is cheating.

    1. (No way to stop it) I wonder if he knows I've been watching him

    2. Well he can't sleep tonight, And he can't do what's right.

    3. Thought I might get a rocket ride when I was a child, but it wasn't live

    4. This will all fall down like everything else there was

    5. I vote for this season every time when it's hot and everybody smiles

    6. You go kaboom boom into my heart

    7. Mum always said nothing would break me or lead me astray

    8. Everybody's high on consolation, everyone is trying to tell me what is right for me

    9. Didn't they say that I was making a mistake?

    10. He was a boy and she was a girl - can I make it any more obvious?

    11. Get away from me, just get away from me - this isn't going to be easy.

    12. The sirens are screaming and the fires are howling way down in the valley tonight

    13. Don't wanna be an American idiot

  • Top 10 quiz thing

    4 Jul 2006, 9:48 de madhattie34

    Name your top 10 most played bands on Last.fm:

    1 Counting Crows
    2 Nine Days
    3 Deacon Blue
    4 Panic! at the Disco
    5 The Calling
    6 Ronan Keating
    7 Matchbox Twenty
    8 Fall Out Boy
    9 Savage Garden
    10 The Kooks

    Now answer the questions according to the numbers:

    (1) What was the first song you ever heard by 6?
    When you say nothing at all. Notting Hill soundtrack, and on my boyzone greatest hits CD. Which I don't still own >_>

    (2) What is your favourite album of 2?
    The madding crowd, probably.

    (3) What is your favourite lyric that 5 has sung?
    Probably the one in "Anything". I'd take the stars right out of the sky for you

    (4) How many times have you seen 4 live?
    None. I want to, though.

    (5) What is your favourite song by 7?
    3am. I haven't a clue why.

    (6) What is a good memory you have considering the music of 10?
    Walking back from games with Lou and Cathryn singing "Naive" at the top of our voices with no shoes on.

    (7) Is there a song of 3 that makes you sad?
  • June 22nd: On this Day

    22 Jun 2006, 12:36 de tenderbranson69

    2000, after giving himself various new identities' during the 90's, The Artist Formally Known As Prince announced he wanted to be known as Prince again.

    1990, the first day of this years Glastonbury Festival took place. Appearing at the UK festival was Ry Cooder and David Lindley, The Cure, Happy Mondays, Sinead O’Connor, Deacon Blue, De La Soul, Adamski, Blue Aeroplanes, Julian Cope, Del Amitri, Jesus Jones, James and The Pale Saints. A three day ticket cost £38.

    1988, Dennis Lobban was convicted of the murder of reggae star Peter Tosh, and was sentenced to hang by a Jamaican court.

    1985, Appearing at 'The Longest Day', Milton Keynes Bowl, Milton Keynes, England; U2, Faith Brothers, Spear Of Destiny, Billy Bragg, The Ramones, and R.E.M.

    1981, Mark Chapman pleaded guilty to the charge of murdering John Lennon in 1980. He was later sentenced to 20 years to life.

    1977, Peter Laughner from US punk band Pere Ubu died aged 24.

    1974, Gordon Lightfoot started a two-week run at No.1 on the US album chart with 'Sundown'.
  • June 3rd: On this Day

    4 Jun 2006, 1:05 de tenderbranson69

    1990, The Big Day, free festival took place in Glasgow, Scotland with Wet Wet Wet, Deacon Blue, Hothouse Flowers, Sheena Easton, Texas, Hue And Cry, John Martyn, Eddi Reader, The Average White Band and others. Channel 4 TV ran a six-hour live broadcast from the event.

    1970, The Kinks Ray Davies was forced to make a 6,000 mile round trip from New York to London to record one word in a song. Davies had to change the word 'Coca- Cola' to 'Cherry Cola' on the bands forthcoming single 'Lola' due to an advertising ban.

    1964, Born on this day, Kerry King, guitar, Slayer

    1956, Born on this day, Danny Wilde, singer, songwriter, Great Buildings, The Rembrandts, (1990 US Top 20 hit ‘Just the Way It Is, Baby’, 1995, UK No. 3 single ‘I’ll Be There For You’, Theme from Friends).

    1952, Born on this day, Billy Powell, keyboards, Lynyrd Skynyrd, (1974 US No. 8 single, 'Sweet Home Alabama', 1982 UK No.21 single 'Freebird').

    1950, Born on this day, Florian Pilkington- Miksa, Curved Air, (1971 UK No.4 single 'Back Street Luv').