• David Lowe

    13 Ago 2006, 21:50 de king-aslan

    I have been searching for information on a Song, used by the BBC, a lot for reasons in which you will find out, with no help from them. Whilst searching for the artist to a totally different song [track]Would You...?[/track] by Touch & Go i came across David Lowe, who had some connection to them, i dont know how. As i browsed his website i stumbled upon a CD he had made, by request of the BBC, BBC World - The Music, It has only 4 tracks, and is only available, to my knowledge, from his website. It wasn't available from Amazon, nor eBay. It wasn't available on iTunes either, which shows that he is clearly not the most popular of artists, however he is a very good one. I eventually got the album, with thanks to a careless site who were giving out "samples" of the tracks, which turned out to be the whole of the track.
    There is no speech in his tracks, with the fourth and final track on the CD being a mix of the previous 3. It is an absolutely brilliant CD, even if it is used for BBC news 24. Thank You