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David Cook

Always Be My Baby (3:53)


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  • I can fell the emotion
  • This cover is amazing
  • I love David's cover.
  • Great cover! But Mariah's version is better :)
  • I forgot how beautiful this cover was. It's just as good as the original, David completely made this song his own.
  • Não é melhor que a original? KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK Acho que alguém tem problema de audição. Mariah canta muito, é diva, mas David humilhou nessa musica, por favor. Combinou muito mais com a letra e a voz dele se encaixou perfeitamente.
  • OMG! David Singing Mariah! I Was So Happy That She Mentored And He Sang One Of Her Classic Songs! I Love Mariah's Song And David's Cover! I Don't Know Which I Like More! Don't Make Me Choose! LOL!
  • Melhor que a original? KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK' Aham Claudia.
  • better than the original
  • Omg all of you shut up. It being better than the original is a matter of opinion.
  • so much better than the original ..
  • but no way in hell this is better than the original
  • Você fez o scrobble desta faixa 97 vezes.
  • I really do think it's better than the original. Mariah is a great singer (or at least was), but her "version" is not as slow as this one is... anyway, my opinion. (:
  • So awesome! Not better than the original (lol), but quite an original spin on it! Love it!
  • "better than the original"? bitch, please.
  • nice voice and love it this song :)
  • Beeeeeeeest performance EVER! So muche better than original!
  • I Love This. xxxx
  • u'll always be a part of me...always be my baby... ds soundtrack xpressngly very sweet.. kips me to fall in love again....
  • theres NO way this is better than the original
  • Love it!
  • better than the original
  • Da ist es wieder, das Gefühl....prickeln, Schauer über den Rücken....tolle Stimme, toller Song.
  • David's best idol performance imho and especially because his brother who was dying of brain cancer was in audience, he and David were very close...R.I.P. Adam Cook...........
  • wu~ sounds still good in this way。 不过和mc的不是一种感觉 这里中国人好像不多啊
  • Way better than the original
  • i actually love this song so much <33
  • This song is the best thing ever<3. Way better than the original. I could listen to it over and over again.
  • Best cover EVER in the history of Idol.
  • I prefer this to Mariah's. Hers was good but I just prefer male voices.
  • Love this song and David Cook. <33
  • I think his version is better than the original
  • this is a cute cover
  • This is the best song he did on Idol hands down.
  • <3333. i love this soo muchhh
  • this will NEVER be better than MC's but its a nice cover ! get it right bitches !
  • BEAUTIFUL <333333
  • I really like Cook's version as compared to Mariah.
  • This song remind me a huge love
  • I so love this song... I love his voice!
  • <333
  • Nice song
  • Oh! please! this is a really nice cover, I like it a lot, but no way better than Mariah's hers is pure gold
  • This is really nice, but not as good as Mariah's.
  • way, way, way better than mariah's
  • way better than mariah's version.
  • I don't watch Idol and I don't care about David Cook himself, but I really like this cover. A LOT.
  • Wow I could not believe that I'm liking this song too much until DC sang it.. yay!


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