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  • Avatar de urban_dormouse
  • Avatar de SlamminJam
    Good song, but sounds like "Hemorrhage in my Hands" by Fuel
  • Avatar de Ferdokki
    @anton2492: When this song first came out on the mainstreamm radio, I'd always guess it was 3 Doors Down, until the chorus started. XD
  • Avatar de losttheirrworld
    @Anton2492: After reading that comment, I can actually see (well, hear) what you mean. It does have a similar feel to it, I'm wondering how I haven't noticed it before!.. either that or the power of suggestion is making me hear something I don't actually hear :P
  • Avatar de marilyn-porrooe
    MAN ! you're the one
  • Avatar de AmayaYasu
    amazing <3
  • Avatar de roberts1689
    love this song nd band
  • Avatar de anton2492
    Can't help feeling that [artist]3 Doors Down[/artist]'s "[track artist=3 Doors Down]Here without You[/track]" is this song's sibling, both musically and thematically.
  • Avatar de Emileejorden
  • Avatar de nygal28
    "I try to see the good in life, but good things in life are hard to find"....pretty much sums up how I feel most times! Hey JukeBoxHero48..nice seeing you here :-)
  • Avatar de JukeBoxHero48 boy...Chris has done pretty well, huh? I knew he would.
  • Avatar de Eviebb13
    It's not over....Let's start over....This love is killing me but your the only one
  • Avatar de swagger-mcyolo
    how come there are 5 guys in the band but they are named after the lead singer? attention whore syndrome maybe?
  • Avatar de villasappho
    to bad the video is gone:(
  • Avatar de skeggy1
  • Avatar de Cure1980
    Rock Ballade it s over when i say its over now.--
  • Avatar de southstarmusic
    cool :))))
  • Avatar de cookie_glambert
    Awesome! I Love This Song So Much! My Favorite Daughtry Song! ♥
  • Avatar de hankwatson4
    the music is very well thought of
  • Avatar de Blackshiro
    Really like theri lyrics and the voice... but in the end, they're not very special.
  • Avatar de saerynlove
    can't we make this something good .! ... musical gods ...
  • Avatar de meinism
    this love is killing me!!!
  • Avatar de xrvolume
    Great song!
  • Avatar de msmandamoo
    Amazing lyrics, I can so relate to them and love the passion in Chris's voice.
  • Avatar de WakkaBone
    i try to see the good in life, but good things in life are hard to find
  • Avatar de sortsem
  • Avatar de winterskyzz
    cant help but love it
  • Avatar de iBeastial
  • Avatar de eqsmetal
    Past Recalling :D :P Epic Tune ,use to listen over N over on my ipod on a lonely streets farwaydown from my stay
  • Avatar de viraj12393
    amazing song!!
  • Avatar de Emo_Rawr_Girl
    i enjoi this song
  • Avatar de lillyboz
  • Avatar de Alayna-
    this love is killing me, but you're the only one!
  • Avatar de Blaze-Shadow
    can we makes this into something that's not over?
  • Avatar de HagiDB
    Like This!!! ^_^
  • Avatar de Blubbernuss
  • Avatar de mimi1968p
  • Avatar de vickles_
  • Avatar de fachmereeza
  • Avatar de LonerB
  • Avatar de lostineternity9
    Fantastic song!!
  • Avatar de TylerSymes
    I never knew who sang this untill today
  • Avatar de Andromache0411
    IT'S. NOT. OVER. This love is killing me, but you're the only one..
  • Avatar de rakuanu
    Gah, I can never get this song out of my head. even whe I haven't listened to it YEARS. I always go, "It's not ooooover!" gaaahaewuhgweg!
  • Avatar de Ela666
  • Avatar de itsnotoveryet27
    that's exactly my opinion,.......... ah by the way - marvelous song
  • Avatar de Abbynator
  • Avatar de xrvolume
    Great Song!
  • Avatar de erasexreplace
    KillTheLights95 I absolutely agree ! :)
  • Avatar de nygal28
    Saw him on celebrity week of "The Price is Right"! A woman won a trip to see him in 2 concerts plus she won all the instruments that his band plays...and this is why I don't watch game shows (I only watched this when I heard he was on it)!!


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