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  • Prog Acts by Popularity: Most Played

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  • Middle9 at Kobe Zink 10/25/08

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    Gah, while last weekend was crazy busy because of (count 'em) 20 hours of graduate seminars, this weekend was only marginally last frantic - but in a good way this time. Last Friday night I spent an after class drinking chatting merrily with drunken OLs at Captain Kangaroo (Tomoko and Erika, if memory serves), and last night I also ended up there for a spell after my Saturday class finished up, where I shit-talked with some lifers on the porch there until I met up with Nick and we grabbed some okonomiyaki and beers at Hirokazuya. We were both in a pretty good mood as we rambled the backstreets of Umeda, but there was business to attend to in Kobe, so circa 9:30, off we went to Fukae.

    To call Fukae Kobe is a bit of an overstatement, more like somewhere in the t'aint between Kobe and Osaka. We took the Hanshin line (which I believe I haven't taken since I saw my first Tigers game in 1995), and ended up in a dockyard area that wouldn't have seemed out of place in a John Wu gangster movie…
  • music travel

    28 Jul 2007, 7:00 de zayhers

    ECM's :RARUM SERIES are very nice CDs to listen to the edge of Jazz. I love them. You might know, it was almost 30 years ago that ECM released another compilation LP series. I bought some of them including Pat Metheny's as my first purchase of jazz LPs even though they costed so much for a school boy. In those days my idols were Keith Jarrett(My Song, Love and the Flower) and Pat(San Lorenzo, 80/81), then I started to follow Jack DeJohnette(and his Special Edition), Old and New Dreams, Stone Alliance(no one knows these units now) and Weather Report. Through this music travel, I have been always accompanied with Miles Davis, and his successors.
    Miles is always my direction.
    I love his 70's: Jack Johnson, At Fillmore, especially Live Evil.
    I also love his 80-90's when I could contemporarily enjoy his music. I am proud of participating the concert in Shinjuku (his recovery shot), and some Live Under The Sky sessions in Japan.
    After his passing away, I digged Jaco Pastorius(died), Gil Evans(also gone) and Naruyoshi Kikuchi.
  • Don't Bother!

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    Sort by Song Title
    First Song: Minutemen - '99
    Last Song: DIR EN GREY - 鼓動
    Shortest Song: Gore Beyond Necropsy - Ski Meat Funky Rectal Anarchy (0:02)
    Longest Song: Date Course Pentagon Royal Garden - Long Heavy Echo Bridge Over Ji (2:20:50)

    Sort by Album
    First Song: Les Rallizes Dénudés - Enter The Mirror (the album was '77 Live )
    Last Song: 蜉蝣* - 恋唄 (from the album 黒髪のアイツ)

    Top 10 Most Played Songs
    1. Ruins - Jallamjikko (217 plays)**
    2. Ruins - Dagdad (193 plays)
    3. Ruins - Snare (182 plays)
    4. Ruins - Pallaschtom (146 plays)
    5. Ruins - Nivaftopoftz (138 plays)
    6. Tetsu Inoue - Holy Dance (120 plays)
    7. Ruins - Hyderomastgroningem (113 plays)
    8. Ruins - Yawiquo (110 plays)
    9. Magma - Om Zanka (92 plays)**
    10. Ruins - Laiptchig (100 plays)

    First Five Songs That Come Up On Shuffle
    1. Molly Hatchet - I'll Be Running
    2. King Tubby - Dub Investigation
    3. Walrus - Melt
    4. Kenso - 謀反 ...by the way, this song is "fuck'n" bullshit! It doesn't even sound like Kenso anymore...
  • Reviews: Eel, Boycott Rhythm Machine, Chanson Ala Mode

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    More unedited Japanzine reviews:

    Little Prince
    Vroom Sound Records

    I can’t imagine anything that could possibly prepare you for the title track of Little Prince, a vertigo-inducing maelstrom of gabba beats and Chipmunks-esque vocals. It’s the single most exhilarating J-electronica cut since Denki Groove’s “Volcanic Beats”, and a killer opener to Eel’s third full-length. Eel dubs itself “Aphex Twin meets Amelie” and that’s a pretty apt summation for this surprisingly charming mix of IDM, children’s music and girlie pop. And though the album is schizophrenic throughout, at least you won’t be bored. “Noel” sounds a lot like Togawa Jun’s old electro-pop unit Yapoos, a Playstation carnival in Hell, while “A Worm” has a ska band playing at an electric insect rave, only to be ended by a blast of Merzbow-worthy digital noise. It’s not all done for shock, though; the infectious “A Beloved Child” is a totally winning mix of broken beats and broken English that will have you bouncing around the apartment in your boxers…