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  • Avatar de LizdeSade
    Spirited Migration is a masterpiece
  • Avatar de Saetiah
    wtf. another band I thought i didn't like.. glad I gave 'em another listen anyway. also, are they really drone? their songs are too short to be. and the second album sucks :( I wish they had more stuff like Spirited Migration.
  • Avatar de PutridBastard
    Fuck this is awesome Im glad I found it!!
  • Avatar de LesMouches
    Tremendous doom band with big heavy sound! They are live killers to whose performances must be seen!
  • Avatar de Goodbrood
    kinda prog
  • Avatar de C1zin
    Best Doom/Sludge I heard in years... especially the first studio album :)
  • Avatar de cleeed
    Just one word - FANTASTIC.
  • Avatar de lostineternity9
    <3 <3
  • Avatar de SCREAM109
    "Not doom" Agreed. "Not metal" Are you retarded? "Not magic" No shit, it's music. "Mallcore trendy kids into Orange/Sunn amps and vintage fuzz." Something tells me you don't know what mallcore (or even core in general) is.
  • Avatar de truebelief
    does anyone know if they're coming up with new stuff soon?
  • Avatar de bloody72
    pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Dark Castle
  • Avatar de skeletonghost
  • Avatar de sebaxxxtian +++ - doom crust from buenos aires argentina
  • Avatar de Dmorpheus_
    how dare you call Stevie a mallcore kid ill kick your ass
  • Avatar de Lok-DoK
    Not doom. Not metal. Not magic. Mallcore trendy kids into Orange/Sunn amps and vintage fuzz. [2]
  • Avatar de BrokenAnatomy
    One of my favorite bands. So much <3
  • Avatar de Parabellum13x
    "Mallcore trendy kids into Orange/Sunn amps and vintage fuzz." Then how exactly are they mallcore kids?
  • Avatar de TheHeebieJeebie
    Oh Satan you moodkiller you!
  • Avatar de dookiemaster
    It's official! Dark Castle isn't brvtal enough for satan!
  • Avatar de satanchingon
    Not doom. Not metal. Not magic. Mallcore trendy kids into Orange/Sunn amps and vintage fuzz.
  • Avatar de patisawesome121
    I remember seeing them live with Yob a couple years back, and it didn't do too much for me (as the sound was fucked), but Spirited Migration is quite good. I'm impressed.
  • Avatar de IgnatPomazkoff
    perfect balance of melodic songwriting and raw [2]
  • Avatar de trainsniffer
  • Avatar de flower_of_flesh
  • Avatar de nightofthelepus
    Fucking Awesome!
  • Avatar de LePask
    Fapping Metal.
  • Avatar de Rolandas_Pagan
    9,999 listeners! Who will become the lucky one?
  • Avatar de crownanchor
    ALWAYS HERE......................:)
  • Avatar de vbloodv
    so nice
  • Avatar de nickblinko
    hey guys, i have a stranger crush on your relationship.
  • Avatar de sebaxxxtian
    ASILO from argentina - doom / crust -
  • Avatar de slavansk
    ooooh, great! thank you for your music.
  • Avatar de Bongripasaurus
    Come back to Seattle. Last time, with Yob and Samothrace was probably one of the better shows I have been too. Next time, try not to goto El Corazon.
  • Avatar de abhorion
    this is really great shit right here. i can imagine they slay live
  • Avatar de tricksterc
    Stevie is undoubtedly one of the most talented women on the planet. [2] And one of the nicest people you'll ever meet...
  • Avatar de JBThazard
    This band has awesome artwork, jus`sayin'
  • Avatar de idontgetitatall
    Awesome band!
  • Avatar de x_BORED_x
  • Avatar de DecibelQueen
    Yes Stevie was at Roadburn.
  • Avatar de ermal1991
    These guys remind me a lot of Led Zeppelin and Crowbar , lol. Flight of pegasus is very enjoyable.
  • Avatar de Hopkinator
  • Avatar de arsten
    She made a back patch for me.....sooooooooo great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar de Lapis_rufus
    preeety good tuning.
  • Avatar de thrillseeker01
    Everone,check out xii Boar
  • Avatar de stian86
    Pretty sure I saw Stevie @ Roadburn this year. Making plans for next year, perhaps?
  • Avatar de Wrathem
  • Avatar de servantofsorrow
    why didn't i check them out earlier... 2011 album is great.
  • Avatar de Benighted_
    I'm so glad to have found a fantastic sludge band with a female vocalist AND guitarist. She's awesome, an inspiration! :)
  • Avatar de cauldronborn86
    argggg soo good !!
  • Avatar de ethanawesome4
    So fucking great!


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