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  • These guys were so good. Such a shame they broke up.
  • they broke up too fast T_T
  • come back to me :'(
  • great music
  • it's been years you guys =[
  • some new songs here!
  • Kenny is like one of my favorite people on earth. Such an inspiration.
  • nice music
  • New song <3 I also remember loving the songs they released on their MySpace two years ago (Christ, was it that long?), so I can only assume their next album is gonna be baller.
  • DLD is still alive? Cool. :)
  • simple, starving to be safe <3 [2]
  • Just my luck! I find a local band (Meaning Washington bred), and they aren't even a band anymore! Talk about lamesauce -.-
  • simple, starving to be safe <3
  • Gotta love Good Night, Witness Light.
  • From what I heard, Kenny isn't in the band anymore, if they still are a band. ._. I don't know what happened to the other members. vvv
  • what's up with this guys, are they still together?
  • sweet~~
  • love them soo much. glad I got the chance to see them twice in my lifetime.
  • it's been years now. please release something
  • So excited to see them at UC Davis :)
  • I really wish that a video would come out for Pollen & Salt at some point....that is absolutely the best song you guys have ever made....
  • <3<3
  • this band is awesome,come back please!
  • but i thought Daphne loves Fred......sorry. such a lame joke. *smh*
  • Sundays BEST SONG EVER
  • A friend show this band to me some years ago and I absolutely love them! I wish they were more known because they're just awesome.
  • Oh Hopeless Love~
  • kpop made me totally forget about Daphne Loves Derby :'( 'tis so good to listen to them again <333 I love their sound so much <3
  • nice
  • I love it!
  • hopeless love <3³
  • listen to tennis court soundtrack by daphne loves derby it really good
  • hopeless love<3
  • kenny has his side project "wolftron".. did dld actually die?
  • I'm having the biggest obsession with them.
  • Acoustic EP is so good. I love this band so much.
  • These guys were my JAM back in like '05-'06. I just revisited them a few days ago, and I'm really glad I did.
  • wow...that acoustic ep.
  • I like how this band has totally dropped off the face of the planet, without warning. What a total kick in the face to all their fans. I understand if they have to go on hiatus, but seriously, a persistent internet search reveals nothing about what's going on with Kenny and the gang for nearly two years now! I'd quit listening altogether if it weren't such perfect pop music. I just wish they'd inform us about whether or not there's going to be any more.
  • have they broke up ?!
  • aware rust and repair is just incredible so much emotion as is the whole acoustic ep
  • I miss these guys.
  • Ohh ! Love :3
  • I'm falling back in love.. [3]


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