• Best That I Got in 2011

    27 Dic 2011, 22:04 de captainkirk76

    Well what can I say. 2011 ended up being a good year in music. For the first time in a long time I has a hard time narrowing the list down to just 20 albums. Plus this year saw the release of same really awesome EP's so I had to put them on their own list. So lets get this started. This review will be in groups of ten but besides that no real order.

    Josh Garrels - Love & War & The Sea In Between. There is not enough good I can say about this album. It will not show up on many best of charts this year as Josh is still indi but he gave this one away though you can leave a tip for him at noisetrade.com. Just an amazing album with great beats, smooth melodies and sweet hooks. Do yourself a favor and go download his album and you will not stop listening to it. It's acoustic rock with a beat but so much more.

    The Civil Wars - Barton Hollow Probably the first really great album of 2011. The perfect blending of Joy and John Mark's voices is amazing as is the simplicity of their music. …