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Daft Punk

Make Love (4:50)


  • my fav track ever... <3 of all times.
  • makes me feel so vivid.
  • Air-tastic.
  • Can't get enough of this track, forever repeat
  • >You’ve scrobbled this track 1,005 times.
  • this is a nice change of pace
  • veridis quo has a similar groove and is nice and relaxing
  • should be on discovery in the tracklist after "something about us"
  • We should dance and then make love. <3
  • Does anyone know a song with quite the same amount of groove? This is so relaxing :P
  • Love that people are heaing this in Katy Perry's omnipresent 'Last Friday Night'.
  • chill
  • awesome!!!
  • brilliant
  • yesh! love this song. this is my nasty, nasty song lOl.
  • sounds very discovery era to me
  • relax ... <3
  • My favorite Daft song, wish I could find more music like it!
  • chillest Daft song ever [3]
  • fakjea [2]
  • <3
  • chillest Daft song ever. [2] after Fresh :)
  • chillest Daft song ever.
  • fakjea
  • My school work song. :)
  • So chillllllllled. ♥
  • ohhhmyygoddd i weep at the beauty of this song
  • Read ya music fundamentals, bra.
  • @CtrlAltRepeat: still don't really hear/understand what you mean, but curious. "lines" is kinda vague -- can you put it in terms of bars? and what's a "doot?" the piano? the vocal? the super-processed guitar-type thing?
  • this is a great track indeed.
  • lOve.
  • kind of a burial-lite vibe going on
  • let's make love to make love
  • @CtrlAltRepeat -- are you tonedeaf, dude? what the hell do these two songs have to do with each other?
  • best on album
  • I want nothing more than to obey the title of this song whenever it starts playing. -_- Daft Punk. <3
  • i am amazed like I first saw boobs, or when i take a fist look an guitar or i dont know how to explain it
  • <333333333333!!!
  • This song reminds me of The XX
  • i love this song. it would've been better on discovery though...
  • Takes my breath away.
  • I wanna have sex with this song, <3
  • love it.
  • speechless..
  • The title is baby makin' music.
  • If they can gather fans with a song like this. i can gather nations.
  • simply beautiful. the title suggest what this song was made for.
  • This song is beautiful, but it puts me in a slight[/] depression.. [2]


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