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Daft Punk

Face to Face (3:18)


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  • Face To Face.mp3
  • <3
  • Emesink
  • just a footlong... just a foot [3] Groovy track
  • Can't stop listening to this song.
  • simply best band - simply best song
  • I get the modern track feeling when listening to this... Sounds like 2012's deadmau5.
  • A good song to jog to...goes with the pounding of feet on pavement.XD Fancy tune, indeed. "I turned away because I thought you were the problem."jajaja good one.
  • This one always gave me a weird vibe. Not sure why. Still good.
  • "Dance" with the pop music noises is my favorite part [3]
  • One of their most underrated songs to be sure.
  • Another favorite on Discovery. Love Todd's vocals and they fit perfectly with the music.
  • help me i can't stop listening to this
  • I like to sing "Mr Furball" to my cat =^_^=
  • Meticulously musically perfect.
  • "Dance" with the pop music noises is my favorite part [2]
  • Ma préférée de l'album <3 je m'en lasserai jamais!!!! ( 11 ans que j'écoute l'album et que je regarde Interstella 555 mdr)
  • LOVE [4]
  • Best song on Discovery.
  • Great track
  • LOVE [3]
  • ((dancing))
  • just a footlong... just a foot [2] LMAO. Brb sending this to Subway rn.
  • Dem samples.
  • Pop perfection incarnate
  • Face to face now
  • Mr. furlong, mr. fur
  • It's the thug life.
  • Mr. Furlong.
  • lovely piece.
  • Still makes me smile :)
  • LOVE
  • "Dance" with the pop music noises is my favorite part
  • just a footlong... just a foot
  • Wow I can't believe it took me this long to realize that one of the songs they sample on this song is Evil Woman by ELO. It totally is the guitar part from the chorus of that song. Regardless both songs are awesome.
  • It's a furlong
  • lovelovelovelovelove..
  • The best of
  • I never really was a big fan of this one. Maybe the least favourite on Discovery for me? Still good though, but not great
  • feels like I'm getting mails in yahoo and messenger is letting me know :D
  • fuckin' loving it :D
  • the chopped samples are so amazing
  • Great track
  • Too long, Mr.Furlong.
  • "music video doesnt really make sense" --> it's from a larger daft punk mini movie. google around and you'll see what i mean.
  • my favourite
  • <3 :)
  • <333333333
  • some say they look like the stig indeed...


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