• Mix Tapes!

    16 Ago 2010, 11:04 de greyko

    I was talking to someone about mix tapes the other day. Sure, people might do up an itunes playlist, burn a CD or whatever, but it really isn't the same. Back then you had to sit and listen to the whole song, carefully hitting record, pause, stop, etc to get it right. Checking the time left on the tape, often throwing on something small and quirky at the end.

    I only ever received 2 mix tapes from girls. I plugged in my tape deck tonight and found the very first one in there, so i'm having a listen. The sound is going on the tape... or the deck. The deck is about 30 years old, and the tape is 12!

    Kelly lived in Perth, I was in Rockhampton and she probably doesn't remember me at all, but the songs live on!

    So anyhow, this is the playlist. Hopefully I can find the piece of paper with all the song names and why she picked them.

    Side 1

    American Pie
    Do I Get A Halo*
    Live Forever
    Steven's Last Night In Town
    Accidently Kelly Street