• A Brief History Of...The Day the Music Died

    27 Ene 2008, 18:24 de BadgerJohn31

    The description and playlist below are from the weekly radio show (A Brief History Of…) that my friend and I host on WSUM 91.7fm Madison. We selected songs we felt were either historically important or just representative of each specific topic. Please comment if you feel we missed something or just to give your opinion. Remember, however, that we do this show in an hour (about 50 minutes of music). Track length is a major factor in our decisions (shorter is usually better). Thanks!

    Rock and roll’s first crisis occurred in February 3, 1959, when Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper died in a plain crash in what has been called “the day the music died.” A Brief History of…The Day the Music Died explains how the loss of those rising stars, Elvis Presley’s military hiatus from 1958 to 1960, Little Richard's decision to preach instead of sing, and declining interest in doo-wop left the nation wondering if rock and roll had just been a fad. …
  • How many of my top 50 have I seen live?

    2 Mar 2007, 23:10 de beezer_b

    I've only seen 9 of my top LastFM top 50 artists:
    Ghostface @ Shepherds Bush with too much Theodore but still imposing.
    Outkast @ the Astoria just after Stankonia dropped. Incredible.
    Jay-Z @ Wembley last year. Real impressive.
    Nas @ the Jay-Z show. Was hyped when he came out.
    Jungle Brothers @ Numerous shows. Some really good, some poor. Afrika is a great live rapper though.
    James Brown @ some bullshit dance festival sometime in the 90s. It was not good.
    De La Soul @ least two times if not more. Good but a little preachy. Saw them in my own Finsbury Park with the above Jungle Brothers which was dope.
    Herbie Hancock @ the Roundhouse Chalk Farm last year. Kind of stodgy jazz funk but the grand piano parts were grand.
    Masta Ace @ the Scala and somewhere else that escapes me. Great diction live. Not many rappers are so audible and in control.

    The following artists I will never see live because they are all deaded:
    John Coltrane - Born 15 years too late.
    The Beatles - Born a decade and change too late.