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  • Years later those bells still give me goosebumps.
  • One of the best, well-written and composed songs of this genre.
  • One of my very favorite songs, ever.
  • When I saw them play this, it was way uptempo, which was different but I liked it. Love the mood in this song
  • best ever
  • Amazing song. I get such strong 'The Cure' vibes with this song, especially the intro. It reminds me of "Lullaby."
  • classic
  • Among the best indie rock songs if you ask me
  • This is still where its at after all this time. [2]
  • This is still where its at after all this time. So easy to relate to.
  • Makes me remember the whore ive been
  • My ego is like my stomach, it keeps shitting what I feed it.
  • Somehow it forces me to replay Silent Hill, lol.
  • always forces me to recall my ex; extremely bittersweet.
  • nothing makes me feel the way this song does
  • One of my very most favoritest songs in the whole entire universe. So fuckin sick.
  • why do i start what i can't finish? my ego's like my stomach, it keeps shitting what i feed it.
  • Amazing song!
  • i've come to wrap you up tight until it's time to bite down
  • i am
  • I almost went to turn this track off...but...damn, it's like sunny day real estatesque
  • nothing like a classic.
  • always nice when a band's best song is also their most popular
  • @CapnJasbo 'Fo' real' makes you look dumb too.. Sweet song though.
  • Pretend that I'm finally home...
  • coldplay rip off???? you dumb shit they were out long before coldplay and fuck coldplay that main streem shit
  • i imagine what they say
  • @ExoM7 Whether you are trollin' or not you are so dumb. You are really dumb, fo' real.
  • Man this song is awesome!
  • Why do I start what I can't finish?
  • This song is just a Coldplay ripoff
  • * * * * * !
  • this song is so much meeeee
  • ""Different music for different moods"", I always say and this tune is so fitting for my current mood!
  • i wake alone pretend that i am finally home.
  • wow how have I never listened to Cursive before? someone shout me where I should start or should I take it from the beginning? :D
  • nebraska is great your crazy
  • ♥♥♥
  • <3
  • @shiftplus: Dude, it totally is, never go there.
  • few years ago i tried so hard to find this download and never could. i found it today, :D
  • Man, Nebraska must be hella depressing. Still, great music.
  • good song
  • awesome tune
  • I love that riff.
  • I discovered this song online at the same time I discovered James Jean's artwork. The two are now synonymous to me, both are such wonderful art : )
  • Wrap you up tight till its time to bite down. This song gives me chills, so gorgeous. That riff is so adorable... I just wanna fuck the shit out of that riff..


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