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Thunder Perfect Mind
Current 93

Hitler As Kalki (SDM) (16:28)


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  • Savitri Devi was certainly one of the most interesting characters in Europe at the time. She certainly made ol' Addie seem even more interesting than he was (which was very, by the way. Even his mundane characteristics were ridiculously fascinating).
  • when the sound of the world collapsing DEAFENS DEAFENS DEAFENS OUR EARS
  • @WS9167 one of the most intense songs at all
  • Whenever this comes up I feel like I won the lastfm lottery. [2]
  • psychedelic, ecstatic, apocalyptic
  • Whenever this comes up I feel like I won the lastfm lottery.
  • This track was totally unexpected and incredibly awesome.
  • Is there an instrumental version of this song?[2]
  • see you soon.....Berlin 07.04
  • Is there an instrumental version of this song?
  • Immaculate, incomprehensible. Infinite.
  • What's SDM?
  • What a Damn good track!
  • TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH! Reminds me very much of German Krautrock compositions. Check out Amon Düül II, there are many similarities.
  • Teeth, teeth, teeth...
  • A trip.
  • Dusza odlatuje.
  • ...WSPANIAŁE...
  • So, uh oh, is this a sort of Savitri Devi hommage, just as Imperium is a Yockey one?
  • v you haven't heard Comus?
  • Lol :) It's totally absurde...there's no comparison!
  • Kalki > Hitler
  • Gorgeous.
  • If it wasn't for the voice, I'd love this track. My Achilles heel, that. Voices.
  • It reminds Quicksilver Messenger Service
  • I like the use of the Cream-esque guitar lines in this song.
  • It's not really Antisemitic, the song is about Hitler coming as death and ending the world, and is dedicated to "my father, who fought Hitler"...doesn't sound too Naziesque to me.
  • Kalki is me, Hitler is you, a La La La La Long all night long..
  • Antisemitic or not, this song is just fucked up.
  • scares the shit out of meOo magnificent.
  • Nature Unveiled and Dogs Blood Rising remastered editions should be available by the end of February ! Excellent news, these 2 items were long out-of-print ...
  • great songs - current 93 is the best in 29347737 neopagan band
  • Teeth
  • Perfect song.

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