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  • check out Richard Swift - The Bully. from 2008 and sounds a heckuvalot like this
  • it actually sound like every single electro pop female singer.... triying to find good electro pop with male singer is like triying to find a cent on a dark room
  • why what a voice! like honey! this is usual for sure. I like it! sounds like its being beamed in from an alternative '60s universe?!
  • Good vibes
  • Sweet.
  • I'm in love with this song and band!!! :D
  • the shangri-las sound :)
  • Great....<3
  • the melodies and back-and-forth vocals/storytelling....everything about this song is so cute. I love Cults
  • lalalalalaaaa <3 [2]
  • Sweet , lovely , cute
  • lalalalalaaaa <3
  • Schweet - This song makes me wanna dance like a 7 year old girl in a fairy outfit.
  • i love the 50/60's vibes!
  • perfect song!
  • Also good for retro feelgood vibes are [artist]the b.goodes[/artist]
  • Could do the Mashed potato to this song. lol
  • HOO Perfect Brothers!
  • <3 <3 <3
  • very "Shangri-Las" indeed.
  • I love how there's like a few seconds of silence and I always fall for it by saying something during that silence thinking they're going to say something lol
  • perfect.
  • ....yeah, sounds great, sounds oldfashionend and new...
  • but I'm getting a definite Richard Swift vibe from this - i keep wanting to hear "hey buddy, why you leaning on my car?" [2] That's exactly what happened to me. The song is called The Bully and it sounds really similar. I enjoy both though, nothing is biased.
  • Best cults track
  • look, "give him a great big kiss" is one of my favorite records ever, but this is still a terrific song.
  • wow, it does sound like Give Him A Great Big Kiss by Shangri-Las.
  • Blow it Up - The Vaccines at 0:50
  • On dirait du Vanessa Paradis...mais en nul :D
  • i don't know about the shangri-las song, but i'm getting a definite Richard Swift vibe from this - i keep wanting to hear "hey buddy, why you leaning on my car?"
  • omg it is identical. bummer.
  • this sounds identical to give him a great big kiss by the shangri-las
  • yes [3]
  • Can't get this song out of my head. Favorite off of the album for sure.
  • yes [2]
  • yes
  • Anyone else get a "Give Him A Great Big Kiss" vibe from this?
  • "experimental"? you high?
  • WOW.
  • go outside's cousin
  • Best Cults track
  • So good.

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