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  • A collaborative album with Julie Christmas in April. That should be awesome. [2]
  • Please check out this:
  • Just got my ticket for Colossal Weekend in Copenhagen. Will be colossal indeed!
  • A collaborative album with Julie Christmas in April. That should be awesome.
  • why so beautiful
  • "Finland" pretty much leaves everything else in the dust.
  • Tickets for the anniversary show in Stockholm bought. I can hardly contain my excitement.
  • Somewhere Along the Highway played live in full? I am there. [2] Difficult to imagine anything better.
  • Somewhere Along the Highway played live in full? I am there.
  • he hates bronies which the other members of the band are
  • v he was bored of all this.
  • Can someone explain to me why did Klas Rydberg leave Cult of Luna?
  • For fans of cult of luna, I did a song very influenced by them.
  • I need to find a digital copy of Eternal Music. Someone please help me out.
  • They're by far the best live band I've seen. Would definitely recommend.
  • Went to their concert this month. Best experience in my entire life.
  • bring back old last fm:
  • They're playing a new song!
  • Niesamowity.
  • If you like Post-Rock/Metal, you will probably dig this album my roommate just released!!
  • Eternal Kingdom is awesome
  • I don't mind wait 5 more years for a new album, knowing the quality of all their works.
  • Patient and heavy. I admire this band.
  • Hello to everyone who enjoy listen and music, I share with you some music I made with my girls band, Phonofilia, hope you like it ;)
  • Hey, friends! Nice stuff here! I will definitely appreciate if you check out my band [artist]Nebulae Come Sweet[/artist] (post-metal from Minsk, Belarus) and take a listen to “O”, a new song from our upcoming album! You can listen it online or download it for free here:
  • "Zespół nie może uniknąć porównań do weteranów takich jak Neurosis, Pelican, oraz Isis ." MOŻE
  • So far, Swans is the only band I've seen since experiencing Luna's Cult that is close to their level.
  • Oculto a lua!
  • I raped the replay button.
  • Parę słów o "The Beyond":
  • Ive seen them twice live and yes, its quite the experience ;)
  • I wish I could get the chance to see them live, I've heard it's quite the experience.
  • I finally saw them last year in Sweden. Missed them once before but now I really had to see them. Hypnotizing and amazing! Just ... wow. One of the few "out of this world" concerts I have seen, and I have seen soo many :)
  • I will never forget the two times I've seen Cult of Luna live. It's out of this world and something I would recommend to everyone. Everyone.
  • anyone got eternal music? is it any good? It seems hasn't listed it at all in their discography...
  • jesus christ Somewhere Along the Highway is one of the best albums ever made
  • It's been 5 years, and I still haven't had a better live experience than the one Cult of Luna provided.
  • It's been a year, and I still haven't had a better live experience that the one Cult of Luna provided.
  • Just added some new pictures
  • Johannes has a new band: Riwen. Totally different from Cult of Luna but you should try it if you like hardcore. Their EP is streaming here:
  • <3
  • I wanna marry this fucking-amazing band. [4]
  • Эти ребята выдают запредельные вещи.
  • hey dude, the best way to begin listening a band is in chronological order..
  • Take a listen - Cheers!
  • Somewhere Along the Highway YNWA!!!)
  • Eternal Kingdom forever.
  • I personally started with The Beyond, but at that point their newest release was Salvation so things might be different now. Vertikal is pretty damn phenomenal though so you can't go wrong starting there. Or anywhere for that matter.
  • thnx guys!! i'll start from the newest & then i'll go backwards thru their discog !
  • yep !!! Vertikal or Eternal Kingdom


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