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  • RIP Dallas Taylor, drummer on Porch and Deja Vu albums. The man in the window on the back of the debut album.
  • The most powerful trio unit, that left the mark, in the history of Folk music.
  • I like all the bands they were in prior as well.
  • The Heaven's Song
  • Guinnivere, what a song... Sheer bliss
  • I would pay to much money to see them live
  • RIP Dallas Taylor, drummer on first CSN album
  • Beautiful, beautiful music :')
  • Now this is what I called Supergroup.
  • не любитель я бард-рока подобного, но есть хорошие мелодии.
  • They quickly became one of my favorite groups of all time. I cannot stop listening to them and all their variations, plus the solo careers which are also amazing! These are three very talented individuals, it couldn't possibly go wrong :)
  • How Crosby, Stills & Nash Changed Music:
  • harmony is a big money. they got it. they are sehr reich.
  • Damn, what a Supergroup.
  • Get the greatest hits as well to have Southern Cross. or the 4 cd boxset which covers most of their solo stuff (their solo stuff has the other guys on backing vocals..)
  • Assuming you are referring to the album "CSN," and not their debut album "Crosby, Stills & Nash," you need the debut as well. You need both for that matter, and I would also add Daylight Again.
  • Are there any albums I need other than the self titled, CSN, Deja Vu and Four Way Street?
  • such a legendary group. druid is right, they are missing something without neil. but its hard to deny their self titled and 'csn'. lots of memories
  • so David Crosby basically said that CSN has a new album finished, it just doesn't have a name/cover art
  • Spotify Playlist: [url=]Classic Rock[/url]
  • WOOOOOOO! these guys are premiering at LEAST 4 new songs on the 2013 tour. Stephen Stills too!
  • love the new song they premiered, Radio. please, just one last album from these legends
  • for portuguese readers:
  • yours and mine is sooooo good
  • It was an awesome concert in Rio! Thank you, guys!
  • Looking forward to the Sydney show on Wednesday!
  • Really want to know what that first song was called that Stills was singing. So good.
  • Best concert I have ever attended. Anyone know the set list for the Melbourne show 29th March ?
  • all their songs are somehow great, but i still tend to like stills' songs the most...
  • Long Time Gone
  • The second artists in My Favorite Music series, in the classic rock genre, I give you Crosby, Stills & Nash. I share my thoughts on my favorite album, an incredible album filled with amazing songs.
  • Help me out CSN listeners! What is the name of that song that has an introduction entirely acapella which then leads into instrumentation, but finally resolves with acapella a la the intro? It was a live recording. During the acappella sections you can hear the audience rightfully expressing their love for the mightiness of their harmonies.
  • Som legal!
  • Good on ya, Crosby & Nash for participating at the #OWS protest on Nov 8th. Nice way to start off "Occupy the Highway", the march from NYC to D.C. Man, you guys are my heroes. Peace + Love
  • Hippy folk-folk from a more idealistic time (and more's the pity, we could use some idealism right now). They miss something without Neil Young, though.
  • buenas melodias
  • Just a Song Before I Go
  • "Wasted on the Way" so many times back then. Love ya guys!
  • Pre-Road Downs
  • Brings me back to fine times. Lift my life and love of life to higher ground.
  • and here is a video!!!
  • here you find a review and the setlist of the july 2010 concert in rome!
  • Long time gone<3 woodstock's documentary opening song! :D
  • Southern cross <3
  • juuuuudy bluuuues eeeeyes!!


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