• Review of FreakParade 2008 (Würzburg, Germany)

    9 Nov 2008, 0:52 de hamtaahk

    Sat 1 Nov – FreakParade 2008

    This two-day event centered around the more "freakish" side of progressive rock, and had managed to sign up three of my favorite bands: Magma, Aranis, One Shot. The other bands were new to me, but they mostly turned out to be interesting discoveries. The venue (Bockshorn-Theater, Würzburg) was perfectly sized for the festival, but I felt that the sound quality could have been better, as for me the bass sounds were often too overpowering. Still, overall it was a pretty amazing event.

    Art Zentral

    The concert opened with this German avantgarde jazz outfit. With their often light and fluffy (but never boring) music, and with a female singer who often uses her voice to make sounds rather than words, they reminded me quite a bit of Cos (and I think they even played one of their pieces). The musicians' performances were all excellent, and I found their jazzy style with varying degrees of avantgardeness rather enjoyable. So, this band turned out to be a definitely positive surprise. …
  • Cos "Postaelion Train Robbery"

    13 Mar 2006, 18:08 de frond

    Cos "Postaelion Train Robbery"
    This was better than I remembered, nice and cheerful canterbury-esque prog with a french flavour (and yes, I know they're from Belgium). Still, people seem to like them a lot better than I do, but I'll stick with my 10.