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If We Were A Sinking Ship (3:20)


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  • "I won't compromise this time. You can't take what's mine." <3
  • awesome! rawwrr [2]
  • nice riffs
  • YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!! Video Gaming music
  • You can't take what's mine!
  • love it ! *-*
  • awesome! rawwrr
  • <3<3<3
  • Underoath? lol kinda sound alike :3
  • good song i guess
  • <3 ^.^
  • love that drum part during the i can be whoever you want me to
  • :(
  • confide.</3
  • This song sounds like early Enter Shikari
  • funny microphone. it's like banana! "dingdingdingding.. banana phone!!"
  • Great song; it truly is a shame they broke up.
  • *_________________________________*
  • The singer does have an accent; he's from England.
  • good shit!
  • Does the singer have an accent?
  • Confide =[ i had a chance to see them and didnt...and that shit happens ...fuck me
  • R.I.P Confide :/
  • what ever she said \/
  • Confide are like the rappers of metal genre's. They have a new demo at every 36 seconds, lol
  • fuckin love this track and every other song they have ever made!.................................. RIP CONFIDE.MUCH LOVE.
  • sounds like underoath...
  • best of Confide.
  • who spells showed should?
  • <33
  • beast
  • I miss Arin. My friend is friends with his cousin they should me this band 2 years ago.
  • i love this band, they're great live too. everyone sould check out thier songs "now or never" & "i never saw this coming" amazing songs <3
  • Everyone has to check out their version of Such Great Heights, a Postal Service Cover! [2]
  • ♥♥♥
  • заебура
  • The harmony of the is perfect.
  • love it!
  • Awsome !!! *__*
  • Everyone has to check out their version of Such Great Heights, a Postal Service Cover!
  • Great song
  • nice
  • Wow, look at all the emos below..........I enjoy living! just saying. good song.
  • luhb itt ❤
  • Kinda reminds me of Underoath :P lool xD
  • <3 loving it
  • прикольні))
  • I approve xD
  • nice drums


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