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  • melhor música [4]
  • melhor música [3]
  • The ending is soooo good
  • melhor música
  • melhor música
  • Mind-achingly underrated
  • Give us real Coldplay back!
  • If this band had any sense they'd play this song at every show. Absolutely phenomenal.
  • Absolutely agree, what a message!
  • I remember in 2005, when I was 15, listening to this album on the bus to school every morning, quietly watching the world pass by; I was new to music, but knew this felt utterly important. Just want ... somebody listening to what you say. It doesn't matter who you are. I couldn't have asked for a more important set of messages to grow up to. This still takes me right back to those mornings -- and the coda at the end of the song, I cannot believe how little emotional resonance it has lost. Perhaps even gained. I remember the mediocre reviews... people who had no idea what the world was to become. Album was ahead of its time.
  • Amazing song!
  • masters of opening albums [2] - this is so true
  • masters of opening albums.
  • ♥Love♥
  • for people who think Coldplay is "gay" should listen to this song.
  • possibly their best song [3]
  • mystery
  • Me dá arrepios a cada vez que escuto.
  • It correlates somehow with the spirit of that time. So much freedom. I feel like I travel from one city to another by one click, and sky is deep blue.
  • The best song I've ever heard. Flows me away into 2003 actually, into my childhood. The funny thing is, I think I never heard it before 2012.
  • my fav song from X&Y
  • ♥ ♥
  • the space in which we travel in
  • Epic song.
  • you've got ever single opening track impeccable. from the very beginning of every album you give me chills already.
  • one of the best opening track that i've ever heard, alongside Politik . Epic Riffs ♥
  • just hits the right notes. you've got no idea.
  • possibly their best song [2]
  • v Well, really. Everyone has slightly different opinion but putting X&Y on the end is quite not right with me, but again it's your view. Personally I love X&Y, got many memories with this album and this song especially, so here it goes: X&Y is the best Coldplay album to date. [3]
  • X&Y, Their best album? really? It's by far their weakest IMO! Parachutes is head and shoulders above anything! 1) Parachutes 2) Viva La Vida 3) AROBTTH 4) Mylo Xyloto 5) X&Y
  • love it
  • epic. X&Y ♥
  • Indeed.X&Y is the best Coldplay album to date. [3]
  • Best their song... IMHO
  • one heck of an epic riff during chorus and an amazing outro
  • fuck yes.
  • One of the few pre-Eno Coldplay songs I like.
  • meh
  • sooooo damn good. ..::((-_-))::.. Absolute Love. ...♥...♪ ♬...♥...
  • Indeed.X&Y is the best Coldplay album to date. [2]
  • Yes.
  • Indeed.X&Y is the best Coldplay album to date.
  • This is a rockin tune
  • still think X&Y is the best Coldplay album, go on, call me a liar [3]
  • Wow, going through the comments and someone called this 'old Coldplay' god that makes me feel old.
  • still think X&Y is the best Coldplay album, go on, call me a liar [2]
  • only good song on X&Y to me... and damn good it is. wish the whole album turned out like this track!


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