• My 50 answers (by Kaltenhoenn and xxsiddhartaxx). re-upload

    4 Jul 2010, 4:57 de Kaltenhoenn

    By Kaltenhoenn. Big thanks for my lovely xxsiddhartaxx for her help in writing these questions. <3

    Charts status for morning, 4th July 2010. Feel free to copy to your journal. :)


    What's your favourite song by no.27?(Fort Minor)
    It's hard for me to pick one, but I want to type b-side... "The Hard Way"

    Do you own any album of no.8?(Limp Bizkit)
    No and I won't own any in future, I guess.

    Do you think you might become a fan of no.33 in the future?(Bullet for My Valentine)
    No, they're too weak for me now and I feel I'm too serious to listen to them.

    How did you get into no.15?(Adema)
    When I was fan of Linkin Park there was a rumour that Chester features in "Giving In" song by Adema which is of course false.

    What was your first opinion about no.18?(Godsmack)
    Good hard rock band, but their lyrics are awful and they don't have enough power for me. Anyways good.

    How long do you know and listen to artist no.9?(Sonic Syndicate)
    I got to know them in late 2009.
  • Review: Coldworld - Melancholie²

    15 Ene 2010, 8:08 de Spudford

    Rating: 4.25/5

    Melancholie² is the debut long player for Germany's ColdWorld, after an EP (impressively limited to two runs of 50 copies each — I mean really, what's the point?) and a demo, and it's a surprisingly mature release that accomplishes pretty much what it sets out to do.

    ColdWorld is the brainchild of a single man (yes another one-man Black Metal band), Georg Börner, who has delivered an austere album of atmospheric that perfectly complements his bands name. This is a work of bleak cold and smothering isolation, casting you adrift in a world of icy snowstorms and forests of howling winds. The atmosphere is thick and enveloping, provided largely by the guitars which are swathed in reverb and awash with undertones of ocean-like white noise, not quite the snowstorm of Veil's Sombre but more like the periphery of a blizzard, a beckoning coldness that lures you in via haunting melodies and hopeful keyboards. …