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Banda alemana de la escena Krautrock. conformada por Moebius, Roedelius y Plank. En 1971 lanzaron el LP Cluster 71, bajo el sello SKY, que contiene los temas titulados 15:43, 7:42 y 21:32.Con una discografía de 12 álbumes de estudio entre los que destaca Zuckerzeit.

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  • I've been listening to these guys a lot recently in light of Moebius' death and it really is clearer to me now more than ever before that they're among the absolute top tier of the Krautrock/Kosmische Musik groups. Their stuff is just brimming and in some cases overflowing with creativity and innovation. Much of the music they made early on has little if any precedent. Zuckerzeit -> Grosses Wasser are a little more conventional in the sense they at least seem to take melody and structure into mind, but those albums are fantastic as well and still sound totally fresh today.
  • Bummer. Moebius was a genius and the wonderful music he created will live on forever, though.
  • So glad I got to see the last ever Cluster performance. RIP Dieter Moebius.
  • RIP Dieter Moebius, you will be sorely missed... Sowiesoso will forever remain a musical treasure.
  • RIP Dieter Moebius
  • @daa-lmb "Krautrock" is a silly tag because so much of the music described as such really has little or no relation to "Rock," either in the way it's performed or as an influence upon its creation. "Kosmische Musik" is really the far more appropriate name for the German music of the period, in addition to omitting the ethnic slur. Can, Faust, Amon Duul (II), Neu! and some others could in some ways be said to tie in to Progressive Rock, but Kraftwerk, Cluster, Roedelius, Harmonia, Popol Vuh, Moebius & Plank, etc., don't. There really was no "scene" that unified these acts at the time and many of them weren't aware of the existence of the others; the idea of "Krautrock" was a construct of British music journalism. However, since the German music of the period is largely: A) original B) unique C) influential D) fucking awesome, it's helpful to have a tag to refer to it collectively. "Kosmische Musik" works but more people are aware of "Krautrock," so Krautrock is more commonly used.
  • [url=]Found the review of Cluster 71 that I wrote in high school[/url].:)
  • Cool.
  • мне они больше нравятся как Kluster, но в их поздней инкарнации также несомненно много чего можно послушать. не говоря уж о почти гениальных авант-поп вещах на zuckerzeit
  • violent muzik

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