• No, I Really Do Love The Eighties.

    16 Jul 2006, 2:58 de thewilyfilipino

    Back in my grad student days when we used to have house parties at 103 Spring Lane, Madonna was always on the dance mix tapes -- that's right, tapes -- that my housemate Big J would make. (We had generally sedate parties back then; one of the few times the cops came to bust us was when the Comp Lit folks came with their own mix tape -- a party no-no, if you ask me -- and cranked up Buffalo Stance really loud.) Madonna remained a party staple even after the house changed from its early halcyon life as a predominantly interdisciplinary Southeast Asianist pad (two historians, an anthropologist (that's me), and the lone Comp Lit person) to a full-blown German Studies house. (At that point I was the only holdout, my German limited to the kind spoken in Jim Abrahams and David Zucker's Top Secret!)

    During one of our dance parties, "Into the Groove" came on. People rushed to the floor (mostly the Government people -- they always crashed parties). …