• Shuffle Quiz

    26 Ago 2009, 13:03 de utopia6021

    1. What's a weird phrase you like to say?
    The Saturdays - Work (Phil Tan Radio Mix)

    2. What's your life like?
    The Saturdays - Golden Rules
    I always follow rules!

    3. What's something you've never said?
    Sugababes - Ugly cos I'm beautiful!

    4. What do you do at parties and stuff like that?
    Michelle Williams - We Break The Dawn
    I'm there till the break of dawn!

    5. What's your love life like?
    S Club 7 - Cross My Heart
    We're always making promises to each other

    6. What'll be your wedding song?
    No Doubt - Running
    Not a good start!

    7. Your honeymoon song?
    Kelly Clarkson - Not Today
    LOL no sex on our honeymoon!

    8. Your best friend's theme song:
    Dido - Don't Leave Home
    He loves me!

    9. Your theme song:
    Jordin Sparks - No Air
    I have asthma

    10. Your parents' theme song:
    Girls Aloud - Can't Speak French
    they can't :(

    11. Your rocking out song:
    Raven-Symoné - Some Call It Magic

    12. The song you have on your iPod but can't stand to listen to:
    Nick Lachey - Outside Looking In
  • weeklys 8-15 / 4

    17 Abr 2007, 8:06 de steelybaby

    Sometimes Last.fm is boring and I want more to do here, so now I'ma start writing comments about my weekly charts.. yeah, we'll see how long it lasts, hehe. I've seen lots of people doing that here so yeah, here I go yo.

    Beyoncé - 76 plays
    Yeah, the queen of RNB, the best artist in the world owned my weekly. I love when that happens, haha. Her concert is only a few weeks away, I'M SO FUCKING EXCITED. Yeah, and she's got lots of new videos and a couple of new tracks out so it's not weird that i've listened a lot to her this week. She's always on my top ten weeklys tho.. but his week she's numba one :)

    Lady Sovereign - 30 plays
    Finally downloaded and listened to Lady Sovereign. I've been listening to "Love Me or Hate Me" for a couple of weeks, but now I finally got off my lazy ass and got some other tracks. I really like her crazy sound and she's coooool, yeah she's awesome. I'm gonna see her live this summer too, so I need to know her music aight.