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  • This band is way too underrated. [3]
  • This band is way too underrated. (2)
  • Enjoyable and memorable metal. Killer band!
  • Divide and Conquer needs to be a top album. It rox so much!
  • good
  • This band is way too underrated.
  • Hells rebirth fucking destroys all in its path.
  • The Dying Truth is a masterpiece...
  • Massive amounts of respect to this band. Consistently putting out heavy as fuck primitive death/doom. True lifers. Classic
  • Fuck, every song of this group is the soundtrack to the fact that Satan is going to tank
  • C I A N I D E - K I L L S !
  • Блять, каждая песня этой группы это саундтрек, к тому как сатана едет на танке[8]
  • oh boo on you, '94's A Descent Into Hell was just as good, if not better.
  • Too bad they never made an album like The Dying Truth ever again
  • This is one of those strange cases where remastered albums do not suck.
  • Legends
  • Gods of Death is full of awesomeness.
  • wkn
    the dying truth is still the best and most crushing album
  • I like those Celtic Frosted fast tempos
  • Crushing Sludge-Spewing Death
  • Terrorstrikes just has the best riff ever, mang.
  • The Dying Truth is fucking delicious.
  • EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT YOU'RE SIMPLY A STUPID POSER <- high school insult of the year
  • liked a lot..specially of those grooves and punk/death vibe
  • New album is definitely among the better of the year, great stuff!
  • zum Teufel...666
  • The rage war demo is just so fucking good. I should listen to the new album.
  • reviewed "gods of death"
  • Death doom / dark folk.
  • Ah dude, come on. Everybody knows you're simply a stupid Poser hanging around in every Band's shoutbox leaving intelligent comments like "wow" "cool stuff" "woohoo" etc., besides of writing like a nigger.
  • yes, we are serious. You've probably simply just ruined your ears with shit music.
  • the album of 2011 is great!
  • This band is not for the weak.
  • new album kicks mallcore kid ass with a heavy dose of oldschool metal.
  • zzzzz....amazing the new album!
  • - The One True Death Cianide favorite!
  • Killer new album, especially Rising Of The Beast!!!!
  • New album is killer [3] новый цианид достовляет, одлнозначно в плеере зависнут на долго
  • New album is killer [2] Contained And Controlled!
  • New album is killer
  • and yes, I realize Autopsy is not on HHR, but their style meshes well with Deceased and Cianide.
  • there's always been this rivalry between the Razorback fans and the Unique Leader fans. honestly both labels put out a lot of trendy bullshit but each has a few decent bands on one another's roster. IMO, Hells Headbangers is better than both, glad Cianide jumped ship. Deceased and Autopsy put out excellent records, lets complete the trifecta.
  • nice!
  • The Dying Truth is disgustingly great.
  • Iqw
    awesome and true .. as always
  • <-New songs up!
  • They are signed to Hells Headbangers now. Razorback had/has some killer bands like Ghoul, LordGore, Decrepitaph, Frightmare etc.
  • Cianide is KULT !!!!!!!
  • Блять, каждая песня этой группы это саундтрек, к тому как сатана едет на танке[7]
  • Announced to play this years Rites of Darkness 3 in San Antonio, Texas!/pages/Rites-of-Darkness/137557889626842?sk=wall&filter=1


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