• Word Perfect - Edition 4 - January 16, 2008

    17 Ene 2008, 5:15 de AuroraMusic

    Featured Artist: Crowded House/Neil & Tim Finn (songwriters)

    1. Green Day - Waiting (3:13)
    2. A - Nothing (3:42)
    A heavy song, but one that still gets a message across. It is as much about physical love as it is about emotional love as well. Perhaps not as deep as some love songs can be, but as I said a simple message is pushed to the listener and that makes the lyrics rather effective.
    3. OK Go - Get Over It (3:18)
    4. Foo Fighters - No Way Back (3:16)
    5. The Irresponsibles - Somebody Else (4:07)
    Great pop rock band from Adelaide. Topped the Unearthed charts for months on end with this song. It's a little beauty. Had the pleasure of seeing them live when I was in Adelaide in 2007. Solid tunes. Great lyrics. A good "moving on" song.
    "You're somebody else's problem now"
    6. Red Hot Chili Peppers - How Strong (4:43)
    7. Dogs Die In Hot Cars - Lounger (3:39)
    8. Ben Kweller - In Other Words (5:32)
    9. Tism - Greg! The Stop Sign (3:28)