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  • Just call this Streetpunk. Ok? No fucking crust.
  • mowie wam ze zakopiste to jes
  • well that song doesnt like you either hahahaha
  • Awesome band, but I don't like "Skate Song".
  • Everyone join the [group]Amebix[/group] group.
  • ok i can answer the big dilema on what type of punk they are as a person whos been listening to them since i was 14 PUNK
  • Why does it matter what type of punk it is. Its good. Or is that not good enough?
  • chaos uk is fuckin awesome but wats with the shitty quality
  • crust?idiots agree to below anyways si si si!!!!!!!!!! jajajajaja aña mengui carajo
  • crust? idiots agree to below anyways
  • crust, hardcore, street punk, who cares! its punk like it! its about what they're saying.
  • punk... real punk..
  • hardcore? crust? im sorry but chaos uk is a street punk band (uk82 if you wanna get technical)
  • anyone have any idea of anyway to at all get lyrics for the wonderful song kill your baby?
  • Put your baby on a kitchen table!!
  • well i dont see the shame in crust, but i still love chaos uk
  • more of a hardcore band than a street punk band i'd say.
  • haha fuck you wattie with the exploited has done more in his lifetime than you can ever do hiding behind your computer...hey and you look like a pussy anyway...exploited..BARMY ARMY!...exploited...BARMY ARMY...exploited...BARMY ARMY!!!!!!!!!
  • fuck oi! here's some good noise
  • Fucking awesome!
  • Kill Your Baby!
  • yeah fuck crust chaos uk is one of the sickest uk82 street punk bands ever, they don't deserve the shame of crust!
  • dont they deserve a description..? :/
  • back to the cider institution
  • Hypocrite.
  • the alcoholic is the sweetest song ever.
  • kill your baby kill your baby!!!


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