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Centhron se creó en el invierno de 2001. Comenzó con una intimidad electrónica entre Elmar Schmidt (voz + programación + Sinte) y Jörg Herrmann (Programación) que se han traducido en el primer Demo "Melek TAUS" en 2002, como Centhron no desea llegar sin un soporte de grabación es el acto de apoyo Feindflug en un concierto.

En esta demo no se convirtió en éxito Centhron decidió grabar un álbum completo para darle…

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  • Berserk <3 AMAZING
  • Kind des Wehrmuts <3 Still a great song. Like an opium.
  • Love the Beats.
  • War Of Gods, 2014 - Biest!!!
  • Слушаю этот проект уже семь лет, очень нравится. 2014 - Biest, вообще супер - просто красавцы.
  • Slofox78 tagged Centhron – Front Angel with cyber circus, aggrotech, dark cabaret and 3 other tags. just now - defintely funny hardcore =D
  • Slofox78 tagged Centhron – Cen: die Botschaft with epic funny, funny, dystopic and 7 other tags. 1 minute ago - LOL =D
  • Slofox78 tagged Centhron – Kind des Wehrmuts with favorite, pure awesomeness, melodramatic and 7 other tags. 2 minutes ago
  • Hm ok. I personally think that every album has a slightly different sound. I listened to all albums 20+ times I bet. Sure, the difference isnt big, especially for the last 4 albums (counting Biest in) but I really love the sound and the lyrics. Cant get enough of it. And actually I think Centhron are one of the unique bands. Centhron made a own sound, say whatever you want. Like that I know that I will like every album anyway. But it wouldnt wonder me if Centhron changes their style on the next album. Maybe more like Lichtsucher and Gottwerk again. Wouldnt mind it. Or maybe something completely different. The reviews are in general mediocre which wonders me because all the other albums got 4-5 star reviews all the time and I cant see a difference in this album. Well, maybe thats the problem for the most people. Still, wonders me. I feel actually a little bit like that Biest has a more developed sound than Asgard. My opinion though. Good as all other albums.
  • Totally agree. Im actually wondered that many people dont think so. Just check the Amazon (De) Reviews for the album. 2,5 Stars. Please what? I think Biest is better than Asgard. I often think that Asgard was maybe even the worst of all albums, still good though. Some people seem to think different. Dont wanna say its their best album but its definitely a good one. I cant decide which album is the best anyway. Totally wondered by those reviews. Either those people didnt listened carefully or their subwoofers got killed by listening to it. Also try listening more often to it. Sometimes it needs some listens until the tracks getting earworms. I just hope that those reviews dont cause anything bad to Centhron even though im opened for a fresh sound. Maybe going back to the Lichtsucher and Gottwerk days. Biest definitely belongs into my Top releases of this year together with Invasion from Noisuf-X.

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