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  • Infinitely more listenable than the Boyzone version
  • Strikes me as maybe the profoundest pop song ever recorded. Maybe I'm just stupid/a sap.
  • saw him at the appolo in the early 70s i was sitting up in the circle and sending him vibes please see me he asked the technicians to turn up lights so he could see all the peeps above him i must have got through
  • ♥♥♥
  • Still Muslim? After all what is going on? Islam is not much dumber than any other religion, just more violent at the moment...
  • litle old but happy enough...
  • sehr schöne begeisternde musik.
  • essential parenthood core.
  • essential sad core.
  • wonderful...
  • Always a lovely song to hear.
  • Great song, it speaks to me *kill Salman Rushdie*
  • Beautiful
  • This song really hits me :(
  • Find a girl, settle down, If you want you can marry. Look at me, I am old, but I'm happy. Kill Salman Rushdie
  • A privilege to listen to Cat Stevens .. He has always made a good music .. (( * _ * ))..
  • Cat Stevens at his best?
  • "from the moment i could talk i was ordered to listen..." favourite <3
  • "if you want... you can marry. Look at me. I am old but I am happy" (I'm no longer married) [2]
  • but however - a great song !
  • thats not cat stevens is yusuf ;-)
  • pure emotion. im both a father and a son
  • timeless tearjerker
  • Such a great song on the theme of the generation gap
  • ein sehr schönes Lied, voller Gefühl und Wahrheit...
  • I hope my boys discover this song one day.
  • <<<< klasse >>>>
  • Klasse:)
  • Gorgeous, just gorgeous..
  • Perfekte Herbstmusik...
  • Sin epoca, siempre actual, enseñanza sencilla de vida, letra brillante
  • pure brilliance
  • Las canciones de Cat Stevens tienen algo de épicas, ¿verdad?
  • I'm sure you are my friend below x
  • "if you want... you can marry. Look at me. I am old but I am happy" (I'm no longer married :)
  • :-)
  • Dare I say it?... I didn't know this song until Boyzone released their version when I was 16. Back then the only Cat Stevens / Yusuf Islam song I knew was 'Morning is Broken', a song I still can't stand. >_<. He wrote and recorded a song to help Amazon Tribes, [track artist=Yusuf Islam]Edge of Existence[/track] It's a great song, have a listen. :)
  • This Song Cuts Me Like A Knief
  • ;___; so good, live while you can, folks
  • Adore this song
  • This song is for my kids when I die. Like widowsboy I lost my dad he was only 53 same age as I am and I still miss him like it was yesterday. He was a good one.
  • I only discovered how amazing this guy is when I was travelling in Western Sahara. Life changing...
  • should see the goosebumps this song gives me!!!!!
  • "I'm old but I'm happy" - great outlook ;-)
  • You'll still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may true, so sad!
  • never fails to stop me in my tracks.....
  • one of my favourites of all time
  • one of the most beautiful songs i ever listen in my life


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