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  • Still a cracking photo!
  • ахуенная песня еще хочу такого
  • русня идет нахуй
  • песенка-то веселейшая, хотя уже давно и в ушах навязла
  • Kung Fu Fighting!! Classic!
  • His picture is boss
  • Hoo! Ha!
  • everybody was kung fu fighting ^^
  • Kung Fu Fighting <3
  • damn right. classic from my childhood. :)
  • lol
  • be fair... he has at least 10
  • the man who has only one song
  • For anyone that thinks he's a one-hit wonder. . . "Run Back" is a superb 1977 disco track.
  • Kung Fu Fighting кияяяяя :D
  • kung fu fighting!
  • Everybody was kung fu fighting!!!
  • Эврибади воз кунг-фу фааааайтинг!)
  • \m/
  • Everybody was kung fu fighting!!!
  • Got his album "Kung Fu Fighting" ... Apart from the obvious track, the guy had some pretty decent tunes. Very suprising that hardly anyone listens.
  • Here comes the big boss! - Huuu, Hooo!
  • good song
  • everybody is kung fu fighting
  • Join me at
  • has born told me lighting!
  • the song was created in 10 minutes^^
  • everybody was kung fu fighting^^
  • жесть
  • kung fu fighting yay!
  • oe!
  • KUNG FU FLGHTING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD
  • C'était dans mes jeunes années quoique je ne sois pas grandma.
  • LOL.
  • Can you say one hit wonder?
  • Haha. Kung Fu Fighting, Kung-Fu Fighting, Kung Foo Fighting, everybody was kung fu fighting, Kungfu Fighting and Kong Fu Fighting... Six different names on it.
  • yeeeaaaahhhh:)) hu! ha!
  • Cool!
  • amzing
  • one of the most completely dominant artists of the last 5 decades. hahahaha jk kung fu fighting is good though in a funny way
  • Run Back streamable? Hell yes.
  • I like It..I have sing finnish version In karaoke
  • then what is it
  • Kung Fu Fighting is not disco track, lol
  • Im listening to it now, its the only CD song I have. How incredibly shocking
  • Wow. I wonder what his best known song is.
  • Too bad it only has had 19 plays in the last 6 months.


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