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  • album wanted!
  • It's pronounced "thumb", guys.
  •!! Thank you...this is wonderful!
  • Amazing Sound!!!
  • Four Tet is Burial as he said, I don't believe in any of these 'secret identity' stories, he said that he is Burial and I'm still going to convince u guys that is so ! Check out his set in Boiler Room series and listen to the cracking background and vocals. Pure Burial !
  • great combination
  • Dayum <3
  • awesome collab
  • Watch out those edges. \/
  • one way to ruin burial. fkn tHom yorke. YES WITH A godamn H
  • The best collaboration EVER [5]
  • D.O.P.E.!
  • The best collaboration EVER [4]
  • dubstep my ass
  • *___*
  • @SkeleNL
  • please change the artist in Burial & Four Tet
  • yes
  • /mu/ just jizzed
  • woah
  • Damn, I want a full length.
  • Massive collab.
  • Don't Believe In Tears is fake.
  • The best collaboration EVER [3]
  • pretty dope.
  • they definitely have to make whole album! Thom is king midas of music! :D
  • Don't Believe In Tears. hhhhhha
  • The best collaboration EVER [2]
  • don't believe in tears - wtf?? [2]
  • Don't Believe In Tears EPIC :D
  • If you're into this kinda sound then check out Ecko's amazing 'Eckology' EP on the 12 Ronin label -
  • Don't Believe In Tears FTW
  • very nice. especially Ego.
  • The best collaboration EVER
  • don't believe in tears - wtf??
  • feel good
  • junkies))
  • call me crazy, but I think Ego and Mirror are actually quite good. I don't know why everybody seems to think they are mediocre.
  • Mirror ♥
  • ampersand ampersand
  • Yorke's vocals have never ruined anything ever. Makes a sweet collab even sweeter.
  • Suggest a correction --> Burial, Four Tet & Thom Yorke
  • Mirror >>>>>>>>>> Ego
  • @TheNarratorX: Yeah, it really should be "Burial, Four Tet & Thom Yorke".
  • does text records have a website or something? Id like to purchase some of their releases.
  • At first I found the vocals a bit meh, but now I have a hard time picturing these tracks without them.
  • ļoti labi
  • очпа, гляжу мнения разделились


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