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Bruce Hornsby

The Way It Is (4:51)

80s · piano · pop · classic rock · rock


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  • Adoro!
  • One of the best songs ever written.
  • ja, filmbernie, so ist das !!!
  • klimper, klimper, klimper - wie immer
  • This is an enjoyable funked up version. But it does not have any of the feel of the studio version. The beat is wayyy different. This is more a jam session, and a good one, I think.
  • Great song to have when you're driving.
  • 10 out of 10! met him at jazz cafe london! played requests for us! lovely guy!
  • Boooooooring. I like the booing at the end. hahahahahaha. Bring back the studio version!
  • I'm okay with the live version since the studio version is listed under Bruce Hornsby & the Range. So all things considered, this is still pretty cool!
  • i like both the live version and the studio version....Bruce is a MASTER of the keyboard and with the live version we get to see (hear) more of his skills.
  • Wow! An actual musician who plays an actual instrument!
  • Great song. I do like the studio version better however. Please change it
  • It really sounds great but I have to agree with other posters that the studio version is a little bit better.
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  • Great playing and surprisingly funked up version of this song. Pity it loses all the feeling of the original track. I'll take the the studio version any day. Sorry Bruuuuuce.
  • Sweet !
  • omg, i didn't know that is the original sample of 2pac-changes song.. really great! thanks for Community series for this track:)
  • lOve.
  • I love the original. All the individual parts are are great and blended well together - just a pity it sounds like they've used a drum machine!
  • always fight for change
  • An all time great track
  • the 80s would not have been complete without this song.
  • very nice
  • doesn't he sound like paul simon ?
  • fantastic!!!!!!!
  • great song
  • It's just the way it is . what more can I say
  • Amooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • booing ...its just the way it is !
  • It's not people booing. They are chanting Bruuuuuuuce. Numerous crowds do this on many live recordings that he's released. A very good version of this song.
  • Is it people booing at the end? Are they sane?
  • Brucey is a 57 year old now -- frightening-
  • For the ones interested: I read in the shouts it's from the live album Here Come the Noise Makers.
  • I ended a friendship to this song... : (
  • The ending is killer!
  • Ahhh, this song makes me think of my teenage years :D Best piano song ever!
  • Love the live version. Bruce has incredible piano fingers!
  • Love it.
  • Great song by my fellow Virginian Bruce Hornsby.
  • I prefer the studio version as well
  • Great song, thanks Ted!
  • great""" rock on""
  • i actually like the song Tu Pac made with samples of this song....testament of a great song, when a song can cross genres
  • the way of good music
  • rippin keys..bouncin fingerrrss my kinda sound
  • Don Henley made it solo with your virtuoso.
  • Veri very nice... Ach Quatsch was red ich denn da.....ich sprech deutsch........liebe bruce melancholisch schön
  • He's the best
  • What a monster player. Just....Wow.
  • It's so beautiful, for long time !


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