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  • Just checked out "The Flesh Mechanic" and the whole time just was like.... "really?!?" I don't know... to each their own. I'm glad a lot of the stuff I like is the complete opposite of death metal. Really positive for the mind and one's overall psyche, I'm sure... *eye roll*
  • great stuff
  • Joe RIP!!!! Awesome vocals all the way through his caerer.
  • Will they release a new album next year?
  • I thought this band would be over permanently when Joe Ptacek died 5 years ago. It is killer that this band continues on without him.
  • Yes, they can still do it! RIP Ryan Stanek and Joe Ptacek. It's good to see the band carrying on their legacy with keeping true to the trademark Broken Hope style.
  • \\m/
  • These guys shred live
  • Another Broken Hope member passed away. R.I.P. Ryan Stanek.
  • this is death!
  • Swamped In Gore!
  • I butchered a young boy like a farm fresh pig I ate his tender buttocks and penile twig Guess what happened when the law caught me? They slapped my hand and then they set me free.
  • Who seriously considers them grindcore? Really?
  • I have awesome memories associated with this band. They are so killer! They need to be in my top 50. Well let's see if they make it up there.
  • lol cmon the new album isn't that bad
  • Don't find them remotely boring like the guy a few posts down, but then i'm a total sucker for this kind of DM
  • Some great riffs, nice production, vocals are filth. Solid death metal.
  • Solid band.
  • the new album is pretty good not swamped in gore good but what do you expect? atleast its good so many bands come back and put out a new album and they suck, morbid angel being the biggest example
  • Hell, I got into Omen of Disease before the first track ended. More modern brutal death metal than OSDM.
  • One of the most boring bands in the entire death metal genre. Not one good riff, not even a bit of variation, one way or another they manage to have bad production on every album and no song writing skill. Not enjoyable in the slightest, I'm not even sure how someone can sit through an entire album by these guys. I could barely even sit through their new album, more of the same ol' generic Broken Hope. Definitely up there in the top 10 worst OSDM bands. There's my rant for the day.
  • They're going on tour with Oceano, Fallujah, and Kublai Khan. I may have to go to that.
  • New album is awesome. Killer grooves going on it
  • New album? Yes. Too much of butter, and not much of bread. Also, very unfitting vocals (even w\o retarded guest ones).
  • Also, is it hard to get into? I'm only on my second listen and it's already clicking.
  • They do not.
  • Well, uh, yeah, sure.
  • They sound like the bastard offspring of CC and Suffo
  • Haha look at how their listening trend has since that guy had his throat slashed
  • "Omen of Disease" просто выносит мозг. Отличный альбом!
  • новый альбом прокачал отлично
  • new sickly album!!
  • Very hard to get into, but as always it greatly pays off.
  • Omen of Disease is a very good album. Musically it is the Broken Hope we all know, the new vocalist is doing good job, but Joe Ptacek's grunts will be missed i am sure about that. His voice was inhuman.
  • If that fucking asshole Shaun Glass wasn't in this band, I would be much happier about their return. Get that dickwad out of the lineup and bring in a bassist with talent and class, please!
  • New album is decent.
  • Новый альбом хорош!
  • German review for the new album online at "Omen Of Disease" gets 6 out of 10!
  • new tracks from the forthcoming album are available now!!! head over to the century media site to grab one!!! its a beast of a tune
  • The thing i love most about them are the vocals. Too bad that the guy commited suicide, his grunts are wonderful.
  • Their debut ("Swamped in Gore") is amongst the first examples of Brutal Death Metal, along with early Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse. Sick band, GORE ETERNAL!
  • One of best death metal bands.
  • Hailz and cheers \,,/
  • New photo:
  • If you can you should make it out to the Carnival Of Death Tour. It was awesome.


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