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  • insane
  • Love love love this! <3 :DDD
  • Yeah, I stabbed a guy in the heart. [2]
  • so amazing
  • Its o...kk...
  • Yeah, I stabbed a guy in the heart.
  • they always calm mii down
  • Laughed too- then massive auto-tune D=
  • HAHAHA! Just he beginning makes me laugh! xD
  • giv m som scremo......... min e of's wellllllllllll.......................
  • The Office clip makes this.
  • synth synth synth synth!!! bwahahahah!!! but dammit, its way better than any owl city theyre knda cute
  • love the synth solo at the end
  • :DDDDDD<333333333
  • ,)8)
  • I love this song :D
  • :D :D :D :D :D
  • lol i like this song
  • I knew this was good the moment the samples kicked in. Anchorman makes everything better! :)
  • lov dis song!!!
  • Love the Synthesizer solo :D
  • @caramello12, it's from Anchorman, and to the other person it's not "i almost killed a guy" it's "Brick killed a guy" XD
  • In love with it<<<333
  • I'm liking the chorus, and the Office quotes.xD
  • fuckin love it! (:
  • I like this group but my favorite one is Libby.When I listen to Libby I turn back my high school times.So sweet...
  • my fave song by him - just great :) <3
  • Any band that references The Office instantly gets a thumbs-up from me.
  • LAWLZ. (: I love the beginning. This song is grand.
  • this whole song is beast. <3
  • Love the Dwight Schrute part. =]
  • the beginning! "i stabbed a man in the heart. yeah i say that. almost killed the guy." XD
  • the beginin <3
  • Not bad, a little mainstream/pop-y. But has a cute beat. Your pictures are creepy though, lol. Makes me think you want to be a model and not a musical artist.
  • Love it!
  • <3
  • this put me in a better mood
  • in the beginning i was like O_O lmao :]
  • i love the beginning XD
  • electro synth solo at the end is awesome
  • i love this lovely tunes <3
  • Question: What knid of bear is best? Thats a ridiculus question. FALSE. Black bear lol love The Office
  • <3333333 *-*
  • lol, <3
  • <3
  • -dances- lalalalala <3
  • "Yea I stabbed a guy in the heart." "Yea I saw that, Brick killed a guy" LOL that's still my favorite part
  • I love this song. =] <3


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