• Evan Confides In a Lesbian (a.k.a. new music adventures with new found friends)

    27 Dic 2007, 16:36 de emchute

    This journal entry dates back to August 7, 2006. Unfortunately, has no way to post-date journal entries so you get it here, now. Lucky you!

    It's been a while since I've written a music blog post, and being that I've gotten quite a few new albums here as of late, I figgered it was high time I did. So for those of you out there in dubya-cubed-land that care to expand your boundaries and check out some tunes of the non-Clear-Channel-murdered variety, read on. For those of you that are slacka-ass-slackas, ne'ermind what I gots ta say. Dang. Here's what I'm listening to lately (Don't be makin' fun, you bitch-ass hipster wannabes):

    Peeping Tom - "Peeping Tom" - I just picked this up today, and to be honest only listened to a couple snippets of it. But here's the deal: it's Mike Patton aaaannnnnnd... pretty much every other musician on the planet. Recorded remotely over the course of 6 or so years by electronically sending files back and forth between a who's-who wishlist of artist Mr. …
  • All my CDs

    15 Jul 2006, 12:15 de mabootoo

    I just saw another journal entry from someone listing their CD collection and thought if there's anything I could write about here it would be cataloguing my minor collection, filled largely with Best Of's and Soundtracks.

    What I think my collection provides is a lot of "what the?" moments for just when you think you've worked out my taste, I come up with something unexpected.

    Here goes...

    28 Days
    - Upstyledown

    - Young Lust: The Aerosmith Anthology

    Alanis Morissette
    - Jagged Little Pill

    - Audio Out

    The Animals
    - The Best of the Animals

    - Stomp 442

    Avril Lavigne
    - Let Go

    The B-52s
    - Time capsule

    Big Audio Dynamite II
    - The Globe

    Bad Religion
    - Generator
    - The Gray Race
    - The Process of Belief
    - Recipe For Hate
    - Stranger Than Fiction
    - Suffer
    - The Empire Strikes First

    - The Very Best of Bananarama

    Barenaked Ladies
    - Rock Spectacle

    The Beastie Boys
    - Ill Communication
    - To the 5 Boroughs
  • The Overlooked

    24 Jun 2006, 1:14 de Bengingermin

    I love the tv show The Adventures Of Pete And Pete.

    I was watching an episode the other day in which, the younger Pete brother discovers his favorite song being played by a garage band (it's actually Polaris playing the song Summerbaby I think). Later on that day Pete goes to see the band who were performing his song, but he is unable to find them. As he desperately tries to find the band, his memory of the song starts to fade until he can remember only one cord.

    This got me somewhat worried. If it is that easy to forget a song that you enjoyed immensely, then would be just as easy to forget a band? As I pondered this I thought about all the old bands and groups that I used to listen to, but haven't of late. Not the big bands like Red Hot Chilli Peppers or Feeder the more obscure bands that only had minor success.

    So I dedicate this journal to the bands that have been somewhat forgotten. Not to try and be cool, but for the sake of my own memory. …
  • Brassy

    4 Jun 2006, 17:49 de TeremiNandor

    One of the best music ever heard, it's sad that they aren't made more than 2 discs.
  • Genrelessimo (09/03/06) on 87.7FM - Well Hello Mr. Fancy Pants

    9 Mar 2006, 21:28 de monas

    Genrelessimo (09/03/06) - Well Hello Mr. Fancy Pants (a.k.a FM#2) 1 Hour, 10 Tracks, No Dignity... "We start first!" we do... Foetus bring us some demented big band, Pitchshifter rip-off Junkie XL with nice results & Ministry show us what Rap/Industrial fusion was doing back in '89. That's not to mention the Video Game excellence of Dreams Come True & the warped tape rewinding of 'Merry Go Bye Bye'. Take it. Unf.

    Skindred - Start First
    Brassy - Still Stealing
    Pitchshifter - Superclean
    Foetus - Slung
    Devin Townsend - Random Analysis
    Guns 'N' Roses - You Could Be Mine
    Ministry - Test
    Mr. Bungle - Merry Go Bye Bye
    DREAMS COME TRUE - Mystic Cave Zone
    The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster - Chicken

    Current Totals:
    Time: ~51 Hours
    Tracks: 692
    Unique Tracks: 645
    Artists: 323