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  • Wow, that's what i call a great chorus.
  • And it's a long smooth ride....
  • None better!
  • Damn. That solo is no joke.
  • Glorious guitar solo...
  • One of the best guitar solos every written. The organ solo is pretty great, too.
  • Perfectly executed produced tune!
  • The guitar solo in the end is just epic! [2]
  • one of the best hard rock debut albums ever
  • Flawless album.
  • Brad Delp & my Vincent hitched a ride & headed for the other side...
  • wore this tape out one summer
  • This isn't 80s, stupid.
  • not to mention....its the song that got me to buy my first guitar...took me 2 months to get this song right!!!!!
  • One of my favorite Boston songs to drum to.....It really gets your kit rocking!!!!!
  • World's Best Lyrics: "Life is like the coldest winter. People freeze the tears I cry. Words of hail their minds are into. I've got to crack this ice and fly." This will always be my favorite Boston song :)
  • The closing guitar solo on this track is just so darn pretty... gotta give it another shout.
  • Great tune! Great band! :-)
  • Great 70s Group.
  • Love this song! The first 2 albums are WOW!
  • beautifully engineered guitar sound by Scholtz
  • Beautiful song
  • The guitar solo in the end is just epic!
  • dueling guitars - great!
  • Pure Goodness!
  • 2001th play is this song.
  • totally agree with TacoSushi - the dueling solos are great...
  • Classic ! So Good! R.I.P. Brad Delp!
  • Such an amazing guitar solo at the end.
  • This is so great that it gives me goosepimples
  • The 1st rock band that I truly enjoyed...loudly!
  • what and awesome solo and ending!!
  • I agree with Soundjunk66 : FANTASTIC solo ........
  • Ahhhh....this whole ablum is incredible.
  • ...this was such a special band in the 80's, too bad they split.... they had potential to be in the elite section of rock history !
  • "Hitch A Ride" on this amazing track!
  • its interesting that both the newest boston and journey singers were basically found using youtube.
  • Amazing tune!!
  • listen to this solo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i love boston!!!! talkin about the band. if you ask for the city, it's Frankfurt.
  • been to new york city i was not impressed
  • the dueling solos at the end are rockin'!
  • Come on...Blow the windows out of my Trans Am !!!!.....It's Cruise Night...
  • Brad, this song is dedicated to you...RIP
  • i remember i stole my brothers radio and strapped it to my Schwinn. i went down to the swimming hole and some older drunk chick danced all around me in her bikini, to this song. very erotic for a 10 year old boy . i still remember her name brenda comber.
  • This is yet another one of the AMAZING tracks from the debut album, which is simply a masterpiece of rock 'n roll! NOTHING a newer band puts out today comes close to this sort of quality in musicianship, vocals, and production....ROCK ON!!!


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